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UniFi: The fastest internet speeds up to 1 GIG!

No Data Caps

Why is Fiber So Much Faster Than Cable Internet?

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Simple: fiber optic broadband has virtually unlimited data capacity. In fact, comparing the capacity of our fiber internet to the standard cable used by other internet service providers is like comparing Niagara Falls to a garden hose. And dramatically more data capacity means dramatically more speed.

How Fast is Fast?

United fiber internet service delivers blazing-fast download and upload speeds up to 1 Gigabit—with no slowdowns!

100/25 Mbps

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250/50 Mbps

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1 GIG/100 Mbps

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More Speed Is More Important Than Ever.

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    More Devices:

    If you’re like most people, you’re not only streaming shows more often, you’re probably surfing the web on your phone or tablet at the same time. In fact, your family may have a whole houseful of devices accessing your internet at once! Only United’s fiber internet has the capacity to keep up.

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    Seamless Streaming and Blazing Downloads:

    Tired of that irritating buffering symbol interrupting your favorite show? United’s fiber internet lets you stream movies and TV shows with no stutters or slowdowns. Plus, you can upload and download videos, pictures and music in the blink of an eye.

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    Fast Gaming:

    Nothing ruins gametime like lagtime. United’s fiber internet not only easily handles today’s most intensive multiplayer titles, it gives you the power to handle the next generation of awesomeness: “massively multiplayer online games” (MMOs).

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Our Dedicated Fiber Connection is the Fastest, by Far.

Here’s another reason United is so much faster than the high speed internet you get from your internet service provider: we’ll run a dedicated fiber optic connection directly into your home. With cable, you’re actually sharing your limited capacity cable with the houses around you. So when your neighbors get online at the same time, your high speed internet can slow to a crawl. United fiber internet is always blazing fast…24/7.