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High Performance Wi-Fi And So Much More

United is bringing you the ultimate Wi-Fi experience you deserve: Wi-Fi 6. With an average of ten smart devices in every home and the popularity of bandwidth-hungry applications like streaming HD video, you need fast, reliable home Wi-Fi. But it’s not just about speed and home coverage, you need more control at your fingertips and more simplicity in function.

The Latest Technology

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Our new Blast router is the next generation technology to give you an unrivaled online experience for your whole home. Whether you’re gaming online, uploading a big presentation or running multiple devices simultaneously, the Blast delivers.

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Handling Multiple Devices And Network Coverage

Wi-Fi 6 is more than just speed, it’s about high-performance when dozens of devices are on a single network. The Blast router introduces this new technology to mitigate issues with multiple smart devices, communicating with these devices with efficiency and precision. Wi-Fi 6 also helps with improved battery life by reducing the amount of time that devices need to keep their antennas powered on to transmit and search for signals. Ultimately, our new technology delivers an internet experience that you’ve been waiting for.

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UControl By United App

The UControl app gives you easy access to a snapshot view of your home or small business network. You can view all the connected devices, set up a guest network, change your SSID and password, and more. The app features Parental Control for better management of your internet devices, and speed tests to make sure your coverage is at max performance throughout your home. UControl by United app is available at Apple App Store or Google Play.

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