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Customer Spotlight: Sam Hamilton

It doesn’t take long to realize that Sam Hamilton isn’t your average rural internet customer. Nestled within a sprawling, wooded property in Franklin County, Sam’s home also serves as the headquarters of Tennessee Computer Medics, his thriving computer repair and network management company.

“I’ve seen a lot of stuff transform over the years, and it’s been a lot of fun to be able to see just how much it’s changed,” Sam explained about his decades-long career. “It’s mind-boggling, to be honest with you.”

Boasting a dizzying array of acronyms representing different cybersecurity qualifications, Sam also works as a consultant for the U.S. Department of Defense. And moments before we connected with him on a video call, he had just finished installing a self-driving system on his personal vehicle.

To call him an internet power user would be an understatement, and the expectations he has for his home internet service reflect the demands of both his career and lifestyle.

Before becoming a United Communications customer, Sam routinely encountered a number of problems with his cable internet service.

“The problem that I had was that everybody would come home in the evening and the internet would slow down,” he explained. “And even though I’m paying for gigabit download speeds, the fastest upload speed I could get was 25 Mbps…and not having those upload speeds leaves a lot to be desired.”

Every internet user depends on upload speeds for even the most basic of online activities. Upload speeds determine how quickly and reliably someone can search for an item while shopping online, post on their social media accounts, or connect with others on video calls.

“But the biggest problem that I had on cable was packet loss,” he added, which created regular dips in download speeds and constant jittering and buffering.

Sam had finally given up on cable and decided to purchase a satellite internet kit at a local big box electronics store. But, as luck would have it, he encountered a United Communications utility crew as he was driving to pick up his purchase.

“I got out of the car, walked over, and said, ‘You guys putting in fiber?’” said Sam. “The guy responded, ‘Yes, sir,’ and I said, ‘Fantastic.’ I drove back home, canceled my order, and within about ten days, I actually had the fiber at my house.”

“Now, I’m just a kid in a candy store with it,” he added.

As a United fiber customer, Sam now has access to symmetrical, or matching, 1 Gbps download and upload speeds, and he can work with renewed assurance that his data is going where it needs to go.

“I don’t have any packet loss whatsoever on this network—none, zero—and everything that I go to upload goes through,” he explained. “And it’s just wicked fast compared to what I had. What used to take me 20 minutes now takes me less than a minute and a half, and it’s done.”

And with Wi-Fi 6, the very latest industry standard for speed and reliability, he’s able to cover a majority of his seven-acre property with internet service.

“My mailbox is 2,100 feet from my front door,” said Sam. “I can walk out to the mailbox and actually hold a video conference on my Wi-Fi, and it won’t be interrupted.”

To cap it off, Sam knows that United Communications is providing his home and business with outstanding service at a value.

“I can’t beat the price that I’m paying for the speeds that I’m getting,” he said. “When you switch over to fiber, you’re getting the full one gigabit up and one gigabit down. That to me is worth gold. There’s just no comparison.”
If you’re like Sam and ready to enhance your internet experience with a local company that you can trust, check your address availability for our services here.