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Whether your property is a new residential or commercial development or multi-dwelling units, United Communications can transform it into a smart, connected community while providing every customer with unlimited data and local customer support.

Attract residents to your community by offering FAST – LOCAL – INTERNET and delivering the customer experience they expect.


Customized Solutions:


Now that high speed Internet connections are a necessity of modern life, more developers are putting thought into how best to ensure fiber technology is available in their neighborhoods. United Communications is ready to work with you to ensure your homes are fiber-ready and future proofed with the most up to date technology from the moment residents move in. Have a fiber connection ready on Day-1 by having United Fiber service installed during the build.


When it comes the best homebuying experience for your prospective clients, you need Fast – Local – Internet. With United Fiber, the entire family can enjoy unlimited streaming, seamless smart-home connectivity, and local customer service. Your clients will love our award winning speed – voted BroadbandNow’s Fastest Internet Provider two years running.


United Fiber is available in many apartments and condos in the Middle TN area. If you are an apartment property developer or manager, and want fiber rich connections with exceptional network reliability, no internet data caps, and friendly, local customer service for your complex, schedule an appointment with our Market Development Manager today. If you are a resident in our service area, check your address to see if your unit is available for service.

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