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Dedicated Internet Access

One of the keys to your business success is reliable and fast internet service. United’s Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) assures your business stays connected with a high-speed, high-availability, and secure solution. Dedicated internet connections provide the reliability and speed that businesses need to be competitive.

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For enterprises that need the most bandwidth and the fastest connection providing a continuous link between their existing LAN and the public internet, there is no better way to connect. Plus, our Ethernet interface offers true plug-and play compatibility with your LAN.

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DIA delivery occurs over a 100% state-of-the-art fiber-optic network, helping businesses in several ways:

  • Increased productivity suitable to any critical business applications
  • Flexible Ethernet access options and adjustable bandwidth
  • Dependable reliability with redundancy networks
  • Scalable to grow with your business needs
  • Multi-site connectivity for current and future sites


  • Speeds up to 10 Gig
  • Fiber on-net
  • Network security
  • Various speed ports
  • Optional demarcation extension to multiple locations
  • Carrier-class service level agreements (SLAs)


Standard internet connections are great for small to midsize businesses and retailers, but for larger enterprise businesses that rely heavily on internet connectivity performance, you need DIA. DIA is designed specifically for businesses requiring fast, reliable, and dynamic internet services to deliver speed, quality, and always-on reliability to cloud-based services and more.

Here’s how a dedicated internet connection stacks up against a shared internet connection:

  • Better performance. With DIA, download speeds and upload speeds are always symmetrical to make applications run smoothly and avoid interruptions to business operations. DIA’s high upload speed and low latency enable large file uploads for streaming, security camera video, data backup and more, which are problematic over shared internet.
  • Guaranteed service. United offers guarantees with Service Level Agreements (SLA). So, if your dedicated internet connection doesn’t meet standards for speed, bandwidth, or uptime, you are eligible for SLA credits — unlike broadband connectivity where there are no performance guarantees and is best effort.
  • Faster troubleshooting. Troubleshooting a dedicated internet connection challenge takes less time than standard broadband; we know a prolonged delay or outage can cripple a business.

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