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United’s Enterprise technology delivers high-performing solutions from your largest local internet provider. National companies don’t provide the personal attention that United delivers – we are one of the leaders in the industry for customer satisfaction, with a NPS of 84 and a Google rating of 4.7 Stars. Few other internet service providers deliver the level of service, quality of product and business relationship of United.


Our Featured Products Include:


DIA is designed specifically for businesses requiring fast, reliable, and dynamic internet services to deliver speed, quality, and always-on reliability to cloud-based services and more.

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Metro Ethernet

United offers fiber-optic dedicated Ethernet service to any type of business to always guarantee your operations have access to all your available bandwidth. Metro-E networks include:

– Ethernet Private Line (Point to Point)

– Ethernet Virtual Private Line (Point to Multipoint)

– Ethernet Network Service (Multipoint to Multipoint)

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United’s Dark Fiber delivers an exclusive, private, and secure network with a direct connection between enterprise sites, cell towers or data centers. And you have full control over the network including protocols, monitoring and management.

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United has established connections to data centers delivering up to 100 Gigabit speeds, offering reliable connectivity for business data and real-time data information. One of our primary data partners is Data Suites Modular Data Center, a Tier-3 colocation data center providing primary data security for enterprise businesses.

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United provides HD Voice quality, reliability, and mobility. Our cloud-based communication solution is scalable and dynamic, allowing you to add seats as you grow. And with the improved technology, it’s more efficient and effective compared to outdated services. Our Enterprise-level connectivity includes:

– UCaaS




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An operational assurance plan is a procedure that helps your business be ready for anything that could prevent you from continuing operations. In the case of internet access and adding a secondary network, this plan can ensure that in the event of an outage, your business is not scrambling to find ways to keep operations running while the internet is down.

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Call Christopher Taylor, Business Sales Manager, at 931-993-1603 or email at christopher.taylor@gounited.net