FAQs for Crystal Clear Technologies Customers

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NOTE: Currently there have been no changes to Crystal Clear’s fiber network; United is assessing improvement areas and will advise on future updates.


1. When do I become a United Communications customer?

United Communications will serve as your broadband service provider effective May 1. United is acquiring substantially all of the assets of Crystal Clear Technologies including its fiber optic network and will be your new broadband services provider.

2. Will my internet speed change?

United will not downgrade your current speed, but United offers up to 1 Gig speed so if you would like to upgrade your plan, we’re happy to help at 800-779-2227 or united@united.net

3. Will my internet price change?

Your price for internet will not change for one year unless you modify or upgrade your speed plan. In some cases, United may upgrade your speed at your present monthly rate to match our current services.

4. How can I pay my bill?

Effective May 1, 2021, you will receive your billing statement from United and make payment to United.

5. Can I pay my bill with automatic payment?

Yes, we encourage you to take advantage of the convenience of e-bill statements and autopay, including our easy-to-set-up autopay. We offer two secure autopay methods, click on one of the links below to setup your payment:

  1. ACH (Automated Clearing House) electronically pays your bill from your bank account:

ACH Setup Form

2. Credit Card payment will pay your bill from your desired credit card:

CC Setup Form

Once you set up an online account, you can Login Here.

6. Help with email?

United offers a feature-rich email platform to our customers, including spam filter, contact list, calendar and more. Helpful Guides.

7. Who do I contact for questions or issues?

For any questions regarding service inquiries, call 615-550-4600 or email support@crystalclearfiber.com. For any questions regarding your new United account or United services, you can call 800-779-2227, email united@united.net or chat with us on our website www.united.net.


8. What are United’s standard fiber speed plans?

United’s fiber network has outstanding 99.96% network reliability and offers speeds of 300 Mbps/300 Mbps, 600 Mbps/300 Mbps, and 1 Gig/500 Mbps (download/upload speeds).

9. How much data do I get with my internet service plan; do I have limits?

No Data Caps – United does not limit the amount of internet data you use and therefore, you will never get charged for overages as many other providers do. Click here for Internet Options.

10. Can I use my own router with your service?

For fiber customers, you have a choice to use your own router or rent United’s Calix Blast router at a low rate. Keep in mind there are several advantages of using our Blast router: we are able to connect with you quickly in the event you have a technical issue. And our router offers you Wi-Fi 6 technology and our FREE UControl app (see more info on UControl below).

11. What is the difference between Download and Upload speeds?

Upload speed is the amount of data you can send in a given second. Download speed is the amount of data you can receive in one second. If you’re opening a web page, your computer sends a request to download the page. If you’re searching for a topic on a web browser like Google, then you’re using more download data than upload. However, if you’re conducting business from home and video-conferencing on Zoom, Teams, Skype or FaceTime, then you’re using significant upload data. And for businesses, upload is just as important as download speeds. The following table provides examples of suggested download speed for various activities.

speed table

12. Does United throttle Speeds?

This is a term used to describe an internet service provider narrowing the amount of bandwidth someone receives. United offers unlimited data without throttling speeds.

13. Do you have Wi-Fi parental controls?

As a parent or guardian, you may want to monitor your child’s use of smart devices that use your Wi-Fi like mobile phone, tablet, etc. as well as restrict certain topics or place time limits to their device usage. Using our Blast router that offers Wi-Fi 6 technology, you can download our UControl app featuring Parental Control that allows you to pause devices, and if you add our Enhanced Parental Control, you can manage screen time, content and access by device. Learn more about our UControl App.

14. Why am I not getting the speeds I should be getting?

There are several factors that affect your speed and the quality of your connection, from the type of equipment to number of users and devices – here are a few reasons:

Router – owned vs. United routers, if you purchased your own router, it may not be the latest technology, only providing limited range and performance.

Malware – if your computer is infected by malware, it could be slowing it down.

Number of devices – your internet connection is shared by all the connected devices in your home, so the higher number of devices could be saturating your internet and slowing it down. And if multiple devices are pulling a lot of bandwidth, like multiple users streaming or gaming, then it’s going to be slower for other devices.

Other factors – all your connected, smart devices are using your Wi-Fi signal. Variables such as distance, physical barriers and interference affect speed. If you have Wi-Fi 6, while it is a significant upgrade over previous versions, it will not match the speed provided by a physical, hardwired Ethernet connection (devices that are directly connected to your internet feed).


15. Where can I make changes to my voice service features?

Just click Voice Services to change features.


16. Will we still have DirecTV?

Yes, United will continue to resell DirecTV and you will continue to pay and communicate with DirecTV’s Representatives for any questions or issues.

17. Where can I get a DirecTV channel lineup?

Just click Channel Lineup for DirecTV stations by package.

18. Where can I find DirecTV Tips & Tricks?

Click here for a comprehensive resource to tips, tricks and trouble-shooting help.

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