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How Fiber Impacts a Family

Over the years, the internet has evolved dramatically. It’s no longer something that we use once in a while for a quick search. Now, it’s essential. Connectivity is crucial for necessities such as telemedicine, remote work, and distance learning—and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The internet is how we stay connected to others and how we build new opportunities for ourselves. Fiber connection, in many ways, is the foundation for the future of our communities. Without it, we face the possibility of falling behind or missing opportunities.

See how fiber touches the lives of Middle Tennessee families just like yours.

Fiber Allows Families to Learn

Education infuses our communities with promise through higher education and job opportunities. Not to mention the pure joy that children and adults alike feel when they learn something new. Fiber internet makes learning available anytime, anywhere, as it connects people of all ages to the tools they need to take the next steps in their education. Children can attend school, adults can attend college, professionals can complete training courses and attend conferences. Fiber offers families knowledge along with the ability to continue growing, making internet connection vital for community development and residents’ emotional well-being.

Fiber Gives Families Adventure

Even when we’re staying home more often, we can explore the world around us—thanks to fiber. The internet allows us to take a trip to zoos across the country, museums across the world, and live events happening in our own communities. Head out on an adventure to The Louvre to see priceless paintings and sculptures, learning about art history from your couch. Hop on over to the San Diego Zoo to see their impressive animal exhibits and learn about conservation from your kitchen table. Your family can do anything together with a strong fiber connection.

Another family-bonding benefit of fiber is access to streaming services without annoying buffers. We often underestimate the power of sharing our favorites, but few things are better for family bonding than watching our beloved movies and television shows together.

Fiber Helps Families Work

Many office jobs no longer require professionals to drive to and from the office. For that matter, many of today’s jobs in our gig economy have always been done from home, even from our phones. When considering work-from-home requirements, your upload speed is just as important as download speed. For activities such as video conferencing, uploading large files, and cloud applications like Google Docs or Dropbox, fiber provides the fastest upload speeds in order to eliminate lag time or slow performance.

Fiber Supports Families’ Daily Lives

From the moment we wake up until the moment we fall asleep, fiber internet connection can improve our quality of life. It helps us communicate with our loved ones, check on our pets when we’re not home, find new passions—anything that we need, we can do through strong, high-speed fiber access. United Communications can keep your family connected, no matter where you are.