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Residential Fiber Internet

You'll appreciate our internet, you'll love our customer service

Why Fiber From United

United fiber delivers the most dependable internet connection, the fastest speeds, and unlimited data.

United fiber optic internet means:

  • More devices
    Keep your whole household connected at the same time, any time.
  • Seamless streaming
    Watch new movies and binge TV shows with no stutters or slowdowns.
  • Fast gaming
    Enjoy more gametime, no lagtime — intensive multiplayer titles included.
  • Best customer experience
    5X better customer satisfaction than national providers

United Fiber Internet pricing

Internet performance and local customer service that should cost more, but doesn't.

300 Mbps

$ 49
  • Moderate internet usage
  • Up to 15 devices connected at once
  • Streaming shows in HD
  • Great for study or work from home
  • Same download and upload speeds

1 Gig

$ 79
  • Heavy internet usage
  • Unlimited devices connected at once
  • HD & 4K streaming on multiple devices
  • Great for gamers
  • Perfect for Work/study/video conferencing
  • Same download and upload speeds

2 Gig

$ 99
  • All the 1 Gig benefits PLUS
  • Ultimate download and upload speeds
  • Scaled for state-of-the-art connected home
  • Next level gaming experience

*New customers only.

Fiber Internet vs. Satellite and Cable

Thinking about switching from satellite or cable internet to United fiber? Here's how the connections stack up.

Fiber Internet

Satellite Internet

Cable Internet



Take advantage of Middle Tennessee’s best internet by using United’s Wi-Fi 6 equipment.

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Are you getting the speed you need?

How Fast is Fast?

See how fiber internet speeds up your downloads

5 Mbps
4-min song 5s 1.5s .3s .03s
9-hour audiobook 2m 46s 9.2s .3s
45-min HDTV show 15m 4m 50s 5s
2-hour HD movie 72m 32m 4.5m  25s

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Connect with Middle Tennessee's best fiber internet.