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United Communications Customer Spotlight: Jason McCanless

When Jason McCanless found out United Communications was coming to his Gallatin neighborhood, he couldn’t have been more thrilled. In fact, he even rallied his neighbors to sign up for service.

“I was so excited to find out fiber optic was coming. I signed up immediately and started telling my neighbors about it because I knew the faster everybody signed up, the quicker it would get here. It didn’t take long for most of my neighborhood to sign up for it,” he said. 

Jason works at Nissan Motor Corporation coordinating recall campaigns. His team works with the government to implement necessary automobile recalls to keep drivers safe. Jason splits his time between going to the office and working from home, so having reliable high-speed internet is really important. 

Service You Can Rely On

“The service I had before United Communications was not reliable. Actually, the day that United came to install, I was trying to run a video meeting from home, and my coworkers kept telling me, ‘Jason, you’re breaking up, your signal is bad.’ Needless to say, after United Communications installed my service, I don’t have any service interruptions now. So, it’s just a huge improvement for my job.”

Jason’s fiber optic service through United Communications hasn’t only made a huge difference with his job, it’s also improved his ability to stream TV shows and movies. 

“Everything we do is streamed. We got away from traditional cable about a year and a half ago, but our service really struggled. It would sit there and just spin. It’s so much faster now, and instead of pushing a button and having to wait, the show pops right up. It’s very fast.” 

In addition to fiber’s speed, United Communications maintains 99.99% uptime as part of its commitment to reliable service. Jason says everything about United Communications’ service has been smooth, from his initial contact to installation.

“Everybody was just super friendly and very professional. I was kept informed of the timeline for the installation, and the installation itself went very quickly. There were no surprises.”

Local Service Matters 

“You know, with some other, national companies, the bill was never stabilized. Even for the same service, you’d get a certain price one month and a different price the next month. But with United being a local company, you’re able to pay online, there are consistent bills, and you get great customer service. When you call, you get somebody local to fix the problem. And that means a lot.”

If you are a home or business owner in Middle Tennessee, we’d love to connect with you! To see if fiber is available in your area, please contact United Communications or visit our website for more information.