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General Questions

Yes, we encourage you to take advantage of the convenience of e-bill statements and online payments, including our easy-to-set-up autopay. Login Here.

United offers a feature-rich email platform to our customers, including spam filter, contact list, calendar and more. Helpful Guides.

Refer your family and friends to the best internet company in Middle Tennessee. Click Here for Program Details.


There are several phases to building a fiber internet network. Click here to See How It’s Done.

No Data Caps – United does not limit the amount of internet data you use and therefore, you will never get charged for overages as many other providers do. Click here for Internet Options.

DSL customers are required to use our modem/router. For fiber and fixed wireless customers, you have a choice to use your own router or rent United’s Calix Blast router at a low rate. Keep in mind there are several advantages of using our Blast router: we are able to connect with you quickly in the event you have a technical issue. And our router offers you Wi-Fi 6 technology and our FREE UControl app (see more info on UControl below).
Click on these links for more speed information – FIBER, FIXED WIRELESS, DSL

Upload speed is the amount of data you can send in a given second. Download speed is the amount of data you can receive in one second.

If you’re opening a web page, your computer sends a request to download the page. If you’re searching for a topic on a web browser like Google, then you’re using more download data than upload. However, if you’re conducting business from home and video-conferencing on Zoom, Teams, Skype or FaceTime, then you’re using significant upload data. And for businesses, upload is just as important as download speeds.

This table provides examples of suggested download speed for various activities:

0-5 Mbps5-40 Mbps40-100 Mbps100-500 Mbps500-1000+ Mbps
Works for:Works for:Works for:Works for:Works for:
Checking emailStreaming video on one deviceStreaming HD video on a few devicesStreaming video in UHD on multiple screensDoing a lot of almost anything
Streaming music on one deviceVideo calling with Skype or FaceTimeMultiplayer online gamingDownloading files quickly 
Searching on GoogleOnline gaming for one playerDownloading large filesGaming online for multiple players 
This is a term used to describe an internet service provider narrowing the amount of bandwidth someone receives. United offers unlimited data without throttling speeds.

As a parent or guardian, you may want to monitor your child’s use of smart devices that use your Wi-Fi like mobile phone, tablet, etc. as well as restrict certain topics or place time limits to their device usage. Using our Blast router that offers Wi-Fi 6 technology, you can download our UControl app featuring Parental Control that allows you to pause devices, and if you add our Enhanced Parental Control, you can manage screen time, content and access by device. Learn more about our UControl App.

There are several factors that affect your speed and the quality of your connection, from the type of equipment to number of users and devices – here are a few reasons:

Router – owned vs. United routers, if you purchased your own router, it may not be the latest technology, only providing limited range and performance.

Malware – if your computer is infected by malware, it could be slowing it down.

Number of devices – your internet connection is shared by all the connected devices in your home, so the higher number of devices could be saturating your internet and slowing it down.

And if multiple devices are pulling a lot of bandwidth, like multiple users streaming or gaming, then it’s going to be slower for other devices.

Other factors – all your connected, smart devices are using your Wi-Fi signal. Variables such as distance, physical barriers and interference affect speed. If you have Wi-Fi 6, while it is a significant upgrade over previous versions, it will not match the speed provided by a physical, hardwired Ethernet connection (devices that are directly connected to your internet feed).

Learn more about internet speed and impact of devices – click here to watch our video.

We do have Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) implementation in our roadmap for the future. However, we do not currently support IPv6. We also do not have any set plans for starting implementation.

For more information about IPv6 and which systems use it, visit the FCC’s Internet Protocol Version 6: IPv6 for Consumers.

Digital TV

United partners with MyBundleTV to offer streaming TV service with everything you’re used to: live TV, your favorite local channels, cloud-based DVR, and more. Plus, you can customize your bundle to include only what you watch.

DCMA Policy

“DMCA” stands for the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. The DMCA provides copyright owners with a process for notifying service providers that store or host customer content (such as websites, hosting services and Internet service providers) of alleged copyright infringements by their users.

In most cases, these service providers are required to act on valid notifications and to terminate (in appropriate circumstances) subscribers and account holders who are repeat copyright infringers.

Copyright infringement takes a variety of forms, but frequently consists of the unauthorized copying or sharing of files containing music, movies, television shows or computer games. We are committed to complying with U.S. copyright laws and we require all United Communications’ internet customers to comply with them, too. Therefore, our customers and users may not store any material or content, or access, share or distribute any material or content using United Communications’ internet services, in any manner that constitutes an infringement of third-party copyright rights.

To learn more about DMCA, see The Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998.

We place accounts of customers for whom we receive multiple DMCA notifications of alleged infringement into a multi-step DMCA Repeat Infringer Policy. Upon receipt of repeated DMCA notifications in a calendar month, the customer account will progress from one policy step to the next one.

Actions that we may take under the DMCA Repeat Infringer Policy include sending alerts of increased visibility to the account’s customer of record. In order to acknowledge these alerts, we may require the customer to call our support team. We also reserve the right to suspend or terminate, as well as apply other interim measures to, the United Communications’ internet service of any customer for whom we have continued to receive DMCA notifications of alleged infringement even after we have sent repeat infringer alerts.

In addition, we may terminate in our sole discretion other United Communications’ services provided to these customers when we terminate the United Communications’ internet service under this policy.

Any infringement of third-party copyright rights violates the law. We reserve the right to treat any customer account for whom we receive multiple DMCA notifications from content owners as a repeat infringer.
Any infringement of third-party copyright rights violates the law. We reserve the right to move a customer account to the next step of the policy upon receiving any number of DMCA notifications from content owners in a given month, or upon learning that the account holder is a repeat infringer.
You may receive an email alert to the preferred email address on your account or a letter to your home address. You may also receive an in-browser notification, a recorded message to your telephone number on file, a text message to your mobile telephone number on file, or another form of communication.

Yes. As an internet service provider, we typically receive notifications of alleged infringement from content owners that include a non-personally identifying set of numbers (known as an internet protocol or IP address). This IP address is visible to third parties on the internet and is associated with activity that the copyright owner alleges is infringing.

If we are able to match the IP address on the date and time listed in the content owner’s notification with our records, then we may generate a DMCA notification to our customer whose account was assigned that IP address, as well as a repeat infringer alert (if applicable).

We do not disclose any information about your identity to content owners under the DMCA (unless there is a valid court order requiring us or one of our affiliates to do so).

Yes. Triggering steps under this policy may result in the following: a persistent inbrowser notification or other form of communication that requires you to call us; a temporary suspension of, or other interim measures applied to, your service; or the termination of your United Communications’ internet service as well as your other United Communications’ services.

For issues related to service impact due to the DMCA Repeat Infringer Policy, please contact us at 1-800-779-2227. Check our website for updated Customer Service Department hours.

If your internet account is suspended, you will have no internet access or service during suspension. This means any services and devices that use the internet (e.g., your computer, a tablet, or a gaming console) will not properly work or will not work at all.

United Communications’ Video Services will not work and United Communications’ Voice/Phone Services or other phone services that rely on the internet will not work. To end the suspension of your internet service, you must call us at 1-800-779-2227. Your regular service charges apply during suspension.

Termination of internet will be in effect for the period of time communicated to you, typically no less than 180 days.
During the termination period your internet service will not be restored for any reason. After this period, if you wish to restore your Internet service, you must call us to apply, as we will not automatically restore services to you.
You may restore your other services immediately, but not internet service. Your package and services will need to be repriced. Please call us to place a new order.

Our DMCA Repeat Infringer Policy applies to all internet customers at all times. We reserve the right to apply an accelerated version of our multi-step policy for internet accounts that were previously terminated under our DMCA Repeat Infringer policy.

We will apply this policy if we receive new notifications of alleged infringement from content owners about a previously terminated account. Any subsequent termination of an internet account in these circumstances will be in effect for the period of time communicated to you, typically no less than 365 days.

Please contact us at 1-800-779-2227 if you have any questions or concerns related to our DMCA Policy and the Repeat Infringer Policy. A service representative will help you with your copyright-related questions.

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