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Cutting-Edge Solutions for Every Business

United's 99.99% reliability keeps you working.

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Built for small to mid-sized businesses and enterprise operations

United launched one of the first fiber networks in Middle Tennessee. Today, we deliver customized, scalable communications solutions for businesses of every size, including:


BizControl connects your business to incredible internet and provides powerful tools to increase productivity, delight customers, and keep your business data highly secure.

Fast, Reliable High-Speed Internet

Internet performance and customer service that should cost more, but doesn't

Fast, Reliable High-Speed Internet

Speeds up to 10 Gig, 24/7 support, and 99.99% reliability

Voice Plans Customized for Your Business

United's voice solutions are cost effective, reliable, and completely scalable.

Business TV at the Speed of Fiber

Count on crisp colors, clear pictures, and reliable service supported by a local provider.

Sales, Service, Support: Right Here in Middle Tennessee

As a service of Middle Tennessee Electric, United is committed...

As a service of Middle Tennessee Electric, United is committed to helping companies in our communities thrive.

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