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Delivering the Best Internet Connection

Wi-Fi 6 Technology

Get the Wi-Fi Experience that Takes Advantage of
United's Nationally-awarded Fiber Network!

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United’s router delivers fast, reliable Wi-Fi 6 technology.

Our BLAST u6 provides more than enough bandwidth for all your devices.

Longer range, higher efficiency, optimized for today’s smart homes.

Dual band support using both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. 

Only $9.95/month including FREE UControl Wi-Fi management app.

Our GigaSpire u4 mesh is a high-performance Wi-Fi satellite that’s small and simple to use. If your home has far or difficult areas to reach, it complements the Blast router and covers your entire home in a seamless “mesh” of Wi-Fi. 

Great for outdoor areas, basements, detached bedrooms and more. 

Just $2.95/month.

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What else does United’s Wi-Fi 6 technology offer? Check out our UControl Wi-Fi management app, FREE with router rental.