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What Makes Fiber Internet the Best Choice

We all want and need reliable internet. But when you have multiple options, such as DSL, cable, and fiber, it can be unclear which would be the best fit for your family. When searching for the fastest, most reliable connection, our customers choose fiber—provided that it’s available in their area.

In this article, we’ll discuss fiber internet at a glance, as well as get firsthand insight into what makes fiber the best choice from two of United Communications’ customer support supervisors.

Fiber Internet At a Glance

Fiber-optic internet, more commonly known as “fiber,” is a much faster, more reliable broadband connection that uses a fiber-optic wire—as opposed to the cable that carries your tv channels or phone service—allowing customers to enjoy speeds of up to 1 Gigabit (or 1,000 Mbps). For ISPs, installing fiber throughout their service area is a costly and involved process; however, companies like United Communications are working hard to bring this technology to even the most rural areas.

You can learn from our CEO, planners, engineers, construction crews, and installers on how we expand our fiber internet service area in our quick, five-minute video How United Fiber Gets to Your Home. Now, let’s take a look at what makes fiber the superior choice.

What Makes Fiber the Best Choice for Middle Tennessee Families

To explain the power of fiber internet, we relied on the expertise of United Communications’ two customer support supervisors Brad Bennett and Erik Rivas. Here is what they had to say.

In your opinion, what makes fiber the best choice?

Brad Bennett: “Fiber changes everything. When I started at United, I was on ten megabits with a copper connection. And while it provided internet access, it was certainly challenging. When I finally got fiber, it was a night and day difference. I now have the option to work from home while my family uses multiple devices, without interruptions to our connection. Fiber is all about the possibilities. It creates job opportunities, allows you to run a business from your home, enables your children to learn virtually. The possibilities are endless.”

How does fiber make a difference as we deal with the COVID-19 pandemic?

Brad Bennett: “Now, with COVID-19, so many kids are learning virtually. We hear from people all the time who say that their children can’t participate in distance learning because they don’t have a reliable connection—or any connection at all. United is working daily to build out high-speed internet so that children can attend school virtually, or participate in other opportunities.”

Erik Rivas: “In addition to what Brad said, with fiber, you’re not sacrificing anything with that connection. You can still have someone work from home or have your kids going to school online, or someone else using it for entertainment. Even several people can be working at once. Fiber opens it up so that anyone in the household can do whatever they need to, whenever they need to.”

Is fiber simply faster?

Brad Bennett: “It’s not necessarily just about the speed. The speed is there, but it’s also about reliability. You don’t have to worry about drops in the network or maxing out your bandwidth and your internet dropping. It’s a stronger connection than other service options.”

Why would someone choose fiber with United Communications over another company?

Brad Bennett: “Customer support would be the biggest difference between the national competitors and us. We’re a local company and passionate about serving our customers. They’re our neighbors. So, it’s crucial that we know what’s important to them and can be available for them whenever they need us.”

United Communications is Connecting Middle Tennessee

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the urgency of an already-pressing need to bring reliable internet access to rural areas. Without the ability to take care of even their most basic needs, such as telehealth appointments, distance learning, job searches, and more, residents risk being left behind as the pandemic continues. Through Project UNITE, United Communications is working to connect Middle Tennessee residents with the connectivity they deserve.

Contact United Communications to learn more.