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4 Ways Local ISPs Support Your Small Business Internet Needs

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By Brad Prickett, Director of Business Development

When it comes to choosing the right internet service provider for your small business needs, there are plenty of factors to consider. As technological advances have accelerated, many local internet service providers can offer the same or better internet speed and reliability as national carriers. Additionally, local companies offer greater confidence in their ability to get to know you and your business specifically.

75 years ago, United Communications was founded by local farmers and business leaders to bring phone service to rural areas of Middle Tennessee that were ignored by the large service providers of the day. As a local internet service provider, we’ve continued that commitment to serving the small and mid-sized businesses that are the backbone of local economies across our state. Our services help support businesses of every size and industry — from restaurants and grocery stores to local entrepreneurs and international service companies.

Here are four unique ways that a local internet service provider like United can support your small business needs better than larger, nationwide providers:

1. Local ISPs provide fast and reliable internet — even in suburban and rural areas

During my 15+ years within the industry, there was a time when national providers were the only ones able to provide fiber internet access. That’s not the case anymore. Local ISPs now offer the same or better fiber internet service to small businesses.

At United, we’ve made it a core priority to help small businesses across Middle Tennessee gain access to fiber and other high-speed internet solutions. Because of our intentional investment, we’re able to offer the same, and sometimes better, internet solutions and speeds as the larger providers. According to “BroadbandNow, a leading industry publication, United Communications has one of the fastest internet speeds in the region. While many internet providers use Coax lines for their business internet solutions, we were one of the first companies in Tennessee to introduce Fiber-to-Business technology and launch Gigabit Internet to our customers.

2. Local ISPs work with businesses to create tailored solutions for their unique needs

Today’s business internet providers don’t just provide a service; they become your partner. Local ISPs value the idea of partnerships because we want to see our local economies grow. In many cases, we work with our small business partners to help them navigate technology shift, keep you informed of emerging technologies, and offer internet redundancy solutions to keep their essential services running when sudden outages occur. At the same time, we work with them to develop a scalable plan that supports their business goals while improving employee and customer experiences.

One of the things that I love about United as a local business is that we work with our customers to create customized and scalable solutions that work for their businesses. We’re able to deliver fast and reliable internet service in a variety of ways, and our incredible business account team works directly with you to determine the best plan for your business. We can also work with you to make any changes to your plan as your business grows.

3. Local ISPs can serve small businesses quickly and more efficiently

Unlike larger internet service providers, our sole focus is dedicated to the areas in Middle Tennessee in which we serve. All of our technicians are dispatched locally. Businesses also appreciate the fact that we show up for meetings and can stop by if they have any questions or issues. 

4. Local ISPs are dedicated to creating an exceptional customer experience

Customer service is about more than being “nice.” It’s about the ability to offer friendly, and responsive solutions to whatever issues you might be experiencing. The customer service that local ISPs provide is often focused more on the customer than the company because you’re not just a ticket number, you’re a neighbor and friend.

Providing excellent customer service has always been the cornerstone of our business at United. I’ve worked at larger communication companies throughout my career. One thing that is unique about United is our culture of taking care of customers. From the top to the bottom, every employee in our company dedicates a lot of time and effort to delivering a painless customer experience. We go the extra mile to make it right.

Discover the Difference United Communications Could Make for Your Business

Throughout my career, I’ve had the opportunity to work for large national companies and local internet service providers. I’ve seen the way both approach business and support small businesses. I’m proud of the work we do at United and proud of the reputation we’ve developed with our business partners and residential customers.  As a company with deep roots in Middle Tennessee, we’re proud of the relationship we’ve built with businesses across Wilson, Williamson, Rutherford, Marshall, Giles, Lincoln, Franklin, Moore, Bedford, Maury, and Davidson counties.

To learn more about United’s internet and phone services for businesses, schedule an appointment with a business representative today.


Brad Prickett

Director Of Business Development

With 15+ years in the telecommunications industry, Brad Prickett has dedicated his entire career to providing a diverse range of enterprise technology solutions to businesses and government agencies in Middle Tennessee.

As Director of Business Development at United Communications, Brad utilizes his experience and abilities to connect with prospective customers and partners, understand their unique needs, and present valuable solutions to help them achieve their goals.

Brad’s growth-oriented mindset and people-first approach embody the values that United is known for within our communities. He takes personal ownership of each project and stays informed on the technology trends to design the best telecommunication packages for United’s business and enterprise clients.

Prior to joining United, Brad served as an Enterprise Account Executive for Comcast Business. He is an alumnus of Western Kentucky University and holds numerous industry certifications.

As a self-proclaimed “cheer dad”, Brad spends the weekend enjoying time with family and supporting his daughter’s cheerleading teams.