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About Our Residential Internet Service

United Communications is a leading provider of internet, digital TV, and phone services to enterprise-class businesses and residential customers in Middle Tennessee.

We pride ourselves on providing the best customer service in the industry, and we’re recognized as a 2022 Top 100 Fiber-To-The-Home Leader, a Smart Rural Community ProviderSM, a “Fastest Internet Service Provider” by BroadbandNow and the winner of the 2021 Broadband Communities Cornerstone Award, which honors the most notable deployments of Fiber-to-the-Home in the U.S. and abroad.

United operates approximately 1,700 route miles of fiber covering portions of Williamson, Rutherford, Marshall, Bedford, Franklin, Wilson, and Davidson counties.

To learn more about our state-of the art technology platforms and internet service availability in your area, click below.

Residential Fiber Internet

Bandwidth Options

100 Mbps – $49.95/mo

500 Mbps – $69.95/mo

750 Mbps – $79.95/mo

1 Gig – $99.95/mo

2 Gig – $99.95/mo – available in select areas

Unlimited Data Usage, No Contract

Wi-Fi 6 Available w/Router Rental

*Restrictions Apply & Check for Special Offers in your area

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Residential Fixed Wireless Internet

Starting at $65.00/mo

Speeds from 15 Mbps to 100 Mbps

Unlimited Data Usage, No Contract

Wi-Fi 6 Available w/Router Rental

*Speed Availability Depends upon Location, Restrictions Apply, Check for Special Offers in your area

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Bundled Internet, TV & Phone

TV Tiers – Basic, Essential, or Preferred plus Premium Channels

Landline Phone + Long Distance Plans

*Restrictions Apply

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Types of Internet Service

Fiber Optic

Our Fiber Internet is the Fastest by Far.

Fiber optic broadband has virtually unlimited data capacity. Fiber optic lines transfer data using light instead of electricity, and offer speeds up to 1 gigabit per second. Download in seconds and stream video in 4K HD on multiple devices.

Fixed Wireless (Formerly Athena)

Broadband for Rural Areas

With rapidly growing wireless infrastructure, improved speed and reliability, fixed wireless is a great solution for rural broadband access. Fixed wireless brings the internet signal to your home via radio waves transmitted by a base station. Even in the most rural areas can be served by fixed wireless technology with speeds up to 60 Mbps.


DSL Customers

As United is expanding our Fiber network in Middle Tennessee, many of our current customers are enjoying existing copper infrastructure for internet access. We are proud to maintain our DSL network for these customers.

Our Wi-Fi Technology

Blast router

Introducing High-Performance Wi-Fi

The Latest Technology For The Best Wi-Fi Network

The BLAST is a next-generation Wi-Fi router, leveraging the latest advancements in technology of Wi-Fi 6. It combines blazing fast speeds with whole-home coverage to give you an unrivaled online experience. Whether you’re streaming HD video on multiple devices, uploading image-heavy presentations, or gaming online with friends, the BLAST has you covered.

United's UControl Managed Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi Control, Convenience and Best Experience

UControl is our managed Wi-Fi app that makes it EASY to set and test your Wi-Fi the way you want it. Know what devices are being used, test bandwidth and receive important notifications from United, all within the UControl app.

And if you want even more managed Wi-Fi features, step-up to our enhanced version of parental control with content filtering, application management, time scheduling, quotas and other analytics. The UControl app is available to download from the Apple App Store® or Google Play™. Download the UControl Guide for feature details.

How Wi-Fi 6 Technology Improves Your World

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GigaMesh satelite

Extend Your Wi-Fi

No Matter Where You Are In Your Home

Sometimes your Wi-Fi needs help to extend into the farthest corners of your home or outside patio area. United offers the Calix GigaMesh – a plug-in Wi-Fi satellite that’s small and simple to use. GigaMesh satellites are faster and more reliable than Wi-Fi extenders.

Option To Use Your Own Router

While United strongly recommends using our latest technology to give you the ultimate managed Wi-Fi experience, we do offer you the option to supply your own router. However, using your own equipment will not give you the performance of Wi-Fi 6 and the advantages of our UControl app. You also risk issues related to your own equipment that may be difficult for United’s technology team to resolve.