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Data Center Connections for Businesses

Protect your data for less

Data Security That Grows With Your Business

Colocation data centers provide peak data security for growing businesses at a much lower upfront and ongoing cost than in-house data centers.

United partners with the Tier 3-ready Data Suites Modular Data Center to offer primary data security for small, midsized, and enterprise businesses in Middle Tennessee and secondary data security for enterprise users across the U.S.

Data Suites manages 10,000 square feet of state-of-the-art colocation space in Middle Tennessee, with a unique, modular design that makes reliability certain and scalability easy.

Benefits of Colocation Data Center Services

Tier 3-ready colocation data centers are designed to provide high confidence in business continuity. To be rated Tier 3, centers have to offer comprehensive redundancy, with 99.98% availability and outage protection for 72 hours.
Data center connections allow businesses to safely maintain data without building a facility or hiring a large IT staff. With yearlong or multi-year data center contracts, annual expenses are easy to predict and budget for, too.
When your organization’s data needs change, expanding capacity is simple with data center services. Our partners can accommodate needs ranging from 1U of data storage to suites housing up to 240 racks.

United connects with data centers delivering up to 100 Gigabit speeds, offering reliable data connectivity and real-time data information.

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