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Hosted PBX Voice Services

Ideal for small to midsized businesses

How Hosted PBX Benefits Your Business

Hosted PBX (or cloud PBX) is a cost-effective, reliable, and scalable business voice solution that's feature-rich and hassle-free. With United as your VoIP provider, there's no onsite PBX server to purchase or maintain, no additional phone lines or trunk lines to install, and no wait when it's time to upgrade or expand — system features and new extensions can be turned on or rolled out instantaneously. There's no better connection option for enterprise businesses that need peak bandwidth and peak speed to keep a continuous link between their LAN and the public internet.

Flexible Voice Plans With Advanced Features

Hosted PBX includes advanced business voice features at an affordable monthly cost (with pricing based on number of users/phones). All United plans let you keep your existing numbers and add local or toll-free numbers as needed.

Standard PBX Options

Premium PBX Options

Hosted PBX voice service keeps your teams and customers connected with crystal-clear calls while all the equipment and management work is kept out of sight and out of mind.

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