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Fixed Wireless Internet

The speed and service of traditional broadband, delivered wirelessly

Bringing High-Speed Internet to More Rural Areas

Fixed Wireless connects more of Middle Tennessee

Think satellite internet is your only high-speed broadband option in rural areas? United’s fixed wireless service is an ideal alternative, particularly in rural areas where traditional broadband infrastructure isn’t yet available.

How it works:
Wireless towers send a direct signal to a small antenna on your home. The fixed connection allows for fast, reliable service — no tower-to-tower data interruptions like cellular service, no satellite latency lags.

Where it’s available:
Service availability is based on the closest tower location. Fixed wireless signals can reach customers for miles in every direction from each tower.

Limited Time Offer


Any United fixed wireless internet plan
including our next-generation Wi-Fi 6 router

$59.95 a month for one year*

Plan based on best speed tier available at your location.
*Applies to online orders only. Regular Rates apply after one year.

Standard Fixed Wireless Internet plans

No data caps, no contract

Fixed 25

$ 65 Monthly
  • 25 Mbps Max Download
  • 3 Mbps Max Upload
  • Good for checking emails, downloading files, surfing social

Fixed 40

$ 80 Monthly
  • 40 Mbps Max Download
  • 5 Mbps Max Upload
  • Great for downloading files, streaming music, short videos

Fixed 60

$ 95 Monthly
  • 60 Mbps Max Download
  • 8 Mbps Max Upload
  • Ideal for HD streaming, gaming, video conferencing, large uploads

Lease Your Land, Get Free Broadband

Would your Middle Tennessee property make a good location for a tower?

Land owners who lease property as a tower site receive free high-speed internet service as long as the tower remains active.

– Approximately 300′ x 300′ area available for lease
– Willing to lease for a minimum of 20 years
– Zoning classification allowing communication structures

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