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We are proud to announce a new partnership with Duck River Electric to speed broadband deployment to their underserved areas.

This collaborative effort is part of Project UNITE’s mission to deliver high-speed internet throughout the Middle Tennessee region and close the digital divide for communities that lack adequate internet.





Working Together To Build A More Connected Middle TN

Project UNITE, an initiative of United Communications, was created with the goal of providing high-speed internet—fiber or wireless—to every under-connected home or business in Middle Tennessee. With the support of Middle Tennessee Electric and through strategic partnerships with local communities and business and government leaders, Project UNITE will bring Middle Tennessee residents and businesses the internet connectivity they need and deserve.

This is the right thing to do for Middle Tennessee and Project UNITE is here to make it happen.

Project UNITE’s Focus:

–  CONNECT unserved communities with fast, reliable internet.

–  PARTNER with local stakeholders and seek supporting grants for strategic expansion.

–  SERVE our customers with friendly, responsive service.



We are very honored to be recognized as one of the industry’s leading companies for our work in rural communities with Project UNITE.


Project UNITE And United’s Expansion In Middle Tennessee – View The StoryMap

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Every Tennessean Needs a Strong, Reliable Internet Connection—Now, More Than Ever

COVID-19 has changed the way we work, attend class, and see our doctors. It’s touched every resident’s life in some way, and we can’t afford to leave anyone behind.


Be a Part of Project UNITE

Whether you are a community member in need of reliable internet access, or you’re a local official or community member looking to spearhead meaningful change in your community, you can be a part of Project UNITE.

For Residents in Under-connected communities

Project UNITE works to provide the under-connected population of Middle Tennessee with internet access. This typically includes rural areas that larger ISPs overlook due to the lack of profitability. If you are a resident or business owner in need of reliable internet access, Project UNITE is here for you; click below to provide your contact info.


For Local Officials & Community Members

Project UNITE is focused on unifying influential members of the community to drive meaningful change. When we work together, we can provide residents and businesses with the access they deserve, while also stimulating the local economy. If you’re looking to help activate change within your community, click below to provide your contact info.

Town Hall

Building Equality Through Connectivity

“Wonderful company, great customer service. We have been on a hot spot for years. It’s so good to see a local, small company trying to better the lives of rural America in regards to staying connected in the fast-paced world we are in. We run 3 businesses from home and United has been a game changer in every aspect of our lives.” – Logan

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