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United’s Phases of Serviceability

A significant portion of Middle Tennessee is currently serviceable by United Communications, and other areas are either in construction or represent a possible future expansion. Our service phases are as follows:

Interest Phase

Your address is not currently serviceable by United. Please enter your interest by filling out the form to help us gauge interest in your area.


Your address is planned or currently in construction, we’re excited to bring the best high-speed internet to your location. Register your information and we will let you know when we activate your area.

Sign-up for High-Speed Internet

Your address is serviceable by United! Order your service and schedule your installation.


Enter your street number and zip code. (Example: For the address 120 Taylor St, Chapel Hill, TN 37034, enter 120 Taylor St in the address field and 37034 in the zip field.) United continues to expand into new areas as well as upgrade current services, so check back to see the progress of your location.

Checking for addresses