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3 Ways United Communications Partners with Local Governments

By Jeff Davidson – Broadband Ambassador of United Communications

As a local internet service provider, our connection to the Middle Tennessee communities we serve is of utmost importance. This starts with our commitment to providing fast, reliable, and customer-focused service to businesses and residents across our service area. But it also includes the partnerships we’ve developed with local governments across the mid-state. Why? Because according to numerous studies, access to broadband internet is one of the most important factors in the economic development of local communities.

Here are three specific ways United Communications partners with local governments to enrich our communities through access to broadband internet and other communication services:

1. We Provide Fiber Internet Connections for Government Services

United Communications is the preferred broadband provider for many county and municipal governments throughout our service territory. In the past few years, fiber internet has become an essential utility for local government agencies. Many of the applications and systems that government employees use on a daily basis require a high-speed internet connection. Fiber internet allows these agencies to work more efficiently today while also providing increased capacity and capability as their needs grow.

Through our strategic expansion efforts, United Communications has worked to make fiber internet more accessible to county governments and local municipalities across Middle Tennessee. 

2. We Plan and Build New Fiber Infrastructure

In addition to providing government agencies with fiber and phone connectivity, United also supports local governments from a partnership perspective. We recognize that many local governments don’t have the personnel or resources to maintain fiber networks. Because they are minimally staffed, most local agencies don’t have the capacity for planning, developing, building, and maintaining the networks that have become the “backbone” of modern-day communications. 

United consistently assists in planning, developing, building, and maintaining fiber networks. Our entire team, from our executive leadership team to our front-line installation technicians, cares about this process because we also live in the communities we serve. 

3. We Use Grant Funding to Expand Broadband Connections

Another important way we partner with local governments is by seeking federal and state grants for broadband expansion. These grants make it possible for United to provide broadband internet access to underserved communities in Middle Tennessee. Local government leaders play a key role in these grant-seeking efforts to enhance the quality of life for local residents and businesses.

Over the past few years, our partnerships with local governments and electric cooperatives such as Middle Tennessee Electric and Duck River Electric have served our shared mission to expand high-speed internet in unserved areas. From infrastructure utilization to financial investment, partnerships like these are crucial to our ability to secure grant funding.

A Trusted Internet Provider for Middle Tennessee 

United Communications appreciates the state and local government leaders who recognize the strength and commitment of these partnerships. We are also grateful for the opportunity to partner with entities that exist to serve the people. Here are just a few of the government agencies and strategic partnerships we’re proud to work with:

For more information about our partnership with local governments or to learn more about United Communications, please contact me at jdavidson@gounited.net.

Author Bio:

Jeff Davidson

Jeff Davidson
Broadband Ambassador of United Communications

After nearly four decades of public service, including thirty years and three combat tours in the U.S. Army, Jeff now serves his community at United Communications. As Broadband Ambassador, he carries out United’s mission to provide high-speed internet to every under-connected home or business in Middle Tennessee. Jeff began advocating for broadband access while serving as the former deputy mayor of Rutherford County for nine years. He has witnessed firsthand the detrimental effects of broadband disparity amongst rural communities. In 2018, he and others successfully convinced state lawmakers to lift burdensome regulations preventing internet expansion in rural communities. Jeff now resides in Eagleville, TN.