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4 Keys to Offering Fiber Internet for Multi-Dwelling Units

By Kimberly Goodwin, Market Development Manager

As our Middle Tennessee community continues to grow, residential developers are creating living spaces that can house several families or individuals in a single building. This style of building can help create community and increase the availability of affordable housing. Multi-family units also have unique needs when it comes to internet connectivity. Fast, reliable internet access has become a necessary utility, empowering people to seamlessly navigate the digital landscape, whether pursuing work, education, entertainment, or social connections. It’s also a valuable addition for developers and property owners, with studies showing fiber-to-the-unit infrastructure in MDUs boosting property values by 3% and creating an 8% increase in rental values.

Recognizing this growing demand, United Communications has tailored fiber internet services for residential communities and multi-dwelling units, ensuring that every resident enjoys the transformative power of cutting-edge connectivity. In my role as Market Development Manager, I have the privilege of collaborating with property management teams and owners of multi-dwelling units to orchestrate the design, implementation, installation, and ongoing maintenance of our services. Through this close-knit collaboration, I’ve gained firsthand insights into the challenges faced by developers. As someone with an insider’s perspective on these challenges, I can shed light on how United Communications is dedicated to addressing them.

3 Challenges to Fiber Deployment in Multi-Dwelling Units

While fiber internet offers many benefits to residents of multi-dwelling units (MDUs), its deployment can present unique challenges. Developers often encounter these hurdles when integrating fiber solutions into MDUs:

  • Engineering Complexity and Increased Costs

Installing fiber connections can sometimes feel like a complex game of chess. Laying out fiber optic cables isn’t as straightforward as installing regular cables. It requires careful planning, specialized equipment, and navigating intricate wiring systems within each structure. This process can be more complicated when we’re retrofitting existing buildings. These complexities can contribute to higher costs. Developers often find themselves balancing the advantages of fiber with the financial strain it can put on their project budget.

  • Space Constraints for Hardware and Cable Management

Most apartments or MDUs often have limited space in common areas such as basements and utility closets, making it difficult to accommodate the necessary hardware and cabling for fiber internet. This space constraint requires innovative solutions to ensure the efficient management and organization of fiber infrastructure without compromising aesthetics or functionality.

  • Scalability and Future-Proofing

As technology evolves and bandwidth demands increase, developers must consider the long-term viability of their fiber solutions. This requires identifying a provider that’s committed to investing in infrastructure. Developers want to work with a company that plans for future technological advancements, ensuring that their properties remain equipped to handle increased bandwidth in the future.

4 Keys to Fiber Internet in Multi-Dwelling Units

United Communications recognizes that developers and property owners face distinct challenges when integrating fiber internet into their multi-dwelling units (MDUs). To address these needs effectively, we provide a seamless and comprehensive solution that caters to the unique requirements of MDU environments.

  • Adopting New Technology & Flexible Installation Options for Minimal Disruption

United Communications understands the challenges MDU property owners face in bringing the power of fiber to residents. That’s why we’re constantly researching the latest industry solutions that make fiber installations easier, faster, and more cost-effective. For example, manufacturers are making smaller enclosures to address the space constraint issues and rolling our fiber strands that carry more signal but are skinnier and more flexible than current cable.

We also understand that minimizing disruption to residents during the installation process is paramount. Our team of experienced technicians utilizes innovative techniques and specialized equipment to ensure that fiber optic cabling is installed efficiently and smoothly, minimizing any inconveniences to residents. We also work closely with property management and owners to schedule installations to lessen the impact on daily routines.

  • Managed WiFi Services and Robust Bandwidth for Exceptional Connectivity

To ensure that residents enjoy a seamless and high-speed internet experience, United Communications offers comprehensive managed Wi-Fi services. Managed Wi-Fi Solutions provides fast, safe, and secure Wi-Fi from their “unit to the curb” — across your living units as well as all public areas at the property.

Additionally, we provide bulk bandwidth to MDUs, guaranteeing that even in buildings with a large number of residents, everyone can access fast and reliable internet without experiencing slowdowns or bottlenecks.

  • Smart Building Solutions for Enhanced Efficiency and Security

United Communications extends its expertise beyond just providing internet connectivity. We offer a suite of smart building solutions that can transform MDUs into intelligent and well-connected living spaces. Our smart building solutions encompass everything from smart thermostats and lighting systems to security cameras and access control systems, enabling property owners to optimize energy usage, enhance security, and provide residents with a modern and convenient living experience.

  • Dedicated, Local Customer Support for Ongoing Assistance

As a local company committed to the communities we serve, United Communications prides itself on providing exceptional customer support. Our dedicated account managers work closely with property management and owners throughout the installation and ongoing management process, ensuring that any questions or concerns are addressed promptly and effectively. We also provide 24/7 customer support, ensuring that residents have access to immediate assistance whenever needed.

A Trusted Internet Provider for Middle Tennessee Residential Developers

United Communications has had the privilege of working alongside numerous developers in the Middle Tennessee community, helping them bring the power of fiber optic internet to their MDU projects. Our commitment to providing reliable internet service, innovative solutions, and customer support has earned us the trust of developers across our service area. Here’s what a couple of them had to say about their experience:

“When we select a provider, we’re really trusting them to serve our residents in a way that keeps us competitive in the marketplace. The biggest factor we look at from a property owner standpoint is the retention of our residents. And it’s been tremendously high. I think that speaks to partners like United that come in and offer great service.” – Ross Bradley, TDK Construction

As a Community Director for two new lease-ups using United Communications, I can say that I highly recommend United Communications. I have used other providers in the past, but the simplicity of getting in touch with a representative or account manager is very fast and easy. Connecting with your internet provider is imperative when managing a new multi-family property and United has done just that. I have had great feedback from residents on how easy it is to move in and have internet ready to go. United Communications, and especially Kimberly Goodwin, have gone above and beyond to make sure my properties and units have fast and effective internet service.” – Casey Sleigh, Elmington

We’re proud to be a part of the Middle Tennessee community and to play a role in enhancing the lives of residents through our fiber internet solutions for multi-dwelling units.

If you’re developing a multi-family complex, a single-family community, or you have an existing community that you would like to discuss, you can schedule a time to meet or reach me directly at 931-993-8672.

About the Author:

Kimberly Goodwin, Market Development Manager

A seasoned sales professional with over two decades of experience in the technology and real estate industries, Kimberly Goodwin is driven by a desire to help communities and individuals thrive. After roles at several major telecom companies, she joined United Communications in 2019 because of its dedication to exceptional service and meaningful solutions. As Market Development Manager, she collaborates closely with developers, builders, and realtors to ensure that residents have access to high-speed broadband service. If you’re a residential developer or realtor, you can connect with Kimberly on LinkedIn or schedule a meeting to discuss your next project.