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How to Avoid Unreasonable Internet Provider Fees

When it comes to choosing the best internet option for your home, it’s critically important to recognize that not all monthly cost quotes are created equally. Many times, internet service providers will attach their packages with hidden fees that you’re responsible to cover. As a result, you may be charged with fees that you were not aware of.

As one of Tennessee’s best local internet service providers, we want to be as transparent as possible about what our customers should expect to pay each month. We care about our customers because they are also our neighbors. That being said, we want to take the time to educate you on some of the most common hidden internet provider fees. We also want to highlight some specific ways United works to help our customers avoid the fees that are common with other providers.

The Most Common Hidden Internet Provider Fees

Here are a few of the most common fees to identify when comparing various providers:

Early Termination Fees

One common tactic internet service providers use to drive up customer costs is to require a long-term commitment for services. If a customer needs to end that contract for any particular reason, they are charged an exorbitant fee for canceling their internet service early. 

Overage Fees and Data Caps

Many internet packages come with data caps that limit how much internet you can use each month. If your plan includes data caps, overage fees can occur when you exceed those limits. These fees can range anywhere from $10 or more per month depending on how much data you use. For example, if you went over 100 GB of data and your provider charges $10 for each 50 GB you go over, then you’d be charged an additional $20 that month.

Expensive Truck Roll Fees

A truck roll is industry jargon for a house call when a service technician needs to come onsite to fix an issue. Truck rolls can often be expensive, especially in rural areas that are more difficult to get to, since they account for the labor, equipment, and travel required for a house visit.

How to Avoid Unreasonable or Hidden Internet Fees

Some internet fees such as late fees or equipment rental can make sense, but others feel like an excuse to take more of your money. How can you avoid paying unwanted hidden internet fees from your provider? Here are a few tips:

Choose a Plan Without Data Caps

While many larger internet service providers only include unlimited data in their most expensive packages, some local internet service providers like United offer unlimited data that results in lower and predictable monthly costs.

One reason our customers love United is that we don’t put data caps on any of our Internet packages. Our commitment to never adding data caps to our plans is one more way that we strive to make high-speed internet access more accessible and affordable.

Find a Provider that Does Not Obligate You Into Signing a Long-Term Contract

Many customers are “forced” to sign long-term contracts from providers with the threat of paying a hefty cancellation fee if they need to end their service before the contract expires.

At United Communications, we believe the best way our customers can avoid cancellation fees is to never make them sign a contract that would require a long-term commitment. Our “no contract” policy eliminates the potential threat of expensive cancellation fees. 

Find a Local Internet Provider that Doesn’t Charge an Installation Upcharge for Rural Areas

Why should you have to pay an outrageous fee for installation because you live outside of a preferred area?

As one of the leading local internet service providers in Tennessee, United is built on the foundation of providing fast and affordable internet to the “underserved” and rural parts of the state – this includes keeping our standard installation fees low, no matter your address. And through our Project UNITE initiative, we’ve invested millions of dollars to connect rural Tennesseans with high-speed fiber internet.

Avoid Hidden Fees with United’s Customer-Friendly Internet Packages

As a local internet service provider, we want what’s best for our customers. This includes helping them avoid many of the hidden internet fees from other providers.  We are committed to providing high-speed internet service options in Middle Tennessee, while staying true to our roots of providing reliable service and dedicated local support. We invite you to explore our internet packages or contact our team to learn more about our services.