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Charles Hatcher/Hatcher Family Dairy

Charles Hatcher is a fifth-generation dairy farmer at Hatcher Family Dairy. As the President of the company, it was crucial to Charles that he and his team had the tools they needed to build their business and take care of their customers. One of the most essential was high-speed internet. Project UNITE is proud to have been able to bring fiber to Hatcher Family Dairy, and we are excited to share Charles’ experience with you.

What High-Speed Internet Can Do for Rural Development

Agriculture isn’t top-of-mind for some when thinking of the need for high-speed internet; however, multiple areas of Hatcher Family Dairy rely on being connected. “There are multiple facets to our business that Project UNITE has impacted. We have a retail store, wholesale distribution, and a processing facility—all of which use the internet—and United has helped take that to the next level as far as speed and efficiency for us,” Hatcher said.

Hatcher Family Dairy is a cornerstone of the rural business community in Middle Tennessee. It’s especially important to us that we support these businesses because it contributes to the overall economic development of the area and ultimately lifts-up the communities around them. Charles has seen this improvement firsthand at his dairy farm and knows the impact this could have on the people around him as well.

People in rural areas who have opportunities that they want to pursue, the lack of high-speed internet holds them back. This is going to really help rural economic development by helping the families and small businesses in the local communities. There is nothing more frustrating than not having the reliable service to achieve what you want to achieve,” he added.

How Project UNITE has Influenced Hatcher Family Dairy

United Communications is incredibly passionate about continuing to expand in underserved communities as well as more populated regions. It’s because of stories like Hatchers’ that we are continually motivated to help our neighbors achieve their goals. Every door that we can open for them is another opportunity for the community and the development of Middle Tennessee. For Hatcher, he’s seen a difference in his retail store and delivery process especially.

“High-speed internet has done wonders for our retail store in particular. There’s nothing more frustrating as a customer than trying to do an online transaction or order and finding that it doesn’t work. Seeing those customers come up to our store to purchase a local product, and for that to happen efficiently, is a great feeling,” explained Hatcher.

Making his customers happy and sharing these local products with the community is now more efficient than ever. This efficiency is especially beneficial for the business’ delivery process. “Our delivery process was slowed down because of the lack of high-speed internet, and our employees were becoming frustrated. Now that we have this stronger internet connection, I’m able to brainstorm about how we can become more efficient and what opportunities we can pursue next,” he noted.

What Hatcher Family Dairy Enjoys About United Communications

We’re working to connect our Middle Tennessee neighbors, and we’re grateful to hear that they enjoy working with us as much as we enjoy helping them. “I really like working with local businesses and the people who run those businesses. They have a feel for that area. They have their finger on the pulse for what you need. Everyone knows everyone, and that’s what I love,” Hatcher shared.

United Communications is Connecting Middle Tennessee

United Communications is proud to serve family businesses like Hatcher Family Dairy. And if you haven’t watched their “life on a farm” TV show, it’s must-see TV! Click Here