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Customer Spotlight: Moe Mondal

For many Middle Tennessee families, the ability to work remotely in today’s digital age means that, as long as there’s internet service available, home is where the office is.

In this United Communications customer spotlight, we’ll meet Moe Mondal. Moe relies heavily on his 1 gigabit fiber internet service at home in Smyrna, Tennessee, to successfully navigate his remote work responsibilities as an email security consultant to enterprise business customers around the world.

“Some of the most valuable companies around the world—they’ll call us out to help, and I do my best to help them,” Moe explained. “I depend on the internet at least, for the hours that I’m on the clock, nine hours a day.”

According to Moe, the fact that he works remotely in a field requiring strict cybersecurity practices means that the internet service he gets at home is his only viable option to perform his work duties.

His past experience as a cable internet customer with a national provider left something to be desired in terms of the dependability of his home internet connection.

Two years ago, Moe saw a United utility crew installing fiber lines near his neighborhood and pulled over to see if his days of cable internet service were numbered.

“I asked them, ‘Hey, you guys putting in a new fiber line?’ They responded with, “Yeah, for United Communications,’ and I said, ‘Well, I’m gonna talk to them after you guys get this squared away.’”

Within a few weeks, United came out to install Moe’s fiber broadband internet service.

“The onboarding process was great,” he said. “They gave me a couple of different options. I got a chance to choose the setup that meets my needs and also got a chance to chat with the guy who installed it when he came out.”

“The guy that was installing it was knowledgeable,” Moe recalled. “It wasn’t like someone from one of the other companies where they’ve got a set procedure that they follow, and if you ask them anything about it they have no idea.”

His United installation technician offered several convenient options for how the service would enter his home to optimize Wi-Fi coverage for Moe and the kids.

“Since I work from home, the reliability has to be top-notch because with the kind of work that I do, there is no office in Middle Tennessee—or anywhere in Tennessee for the company I work for—so it has to work,” he added.

As an internet power user, Moe knows exactly what’s going on with his fiber connection at all times to determine his connection speed and, in the event of a problem, to determine its source.

“I measure the reliability of the service every second to see how long it takes for me to get a response from where United connects to the Internet from my house,” said Moe. “That way, if there’s a problem with my Zoom video or something else, I can immediately at a glance eliminate that it’s a problem with the United service. And that makes such a big difference.”

However, Moe isn’t the only one at home who depends on United’s internet service. As a parent to his three children, there’s always someone at home during his work hours who is attending virtual school, completing an online assignment, or using a streaming service. 

And as most parents have experienced, kids who are dealing with internet connection issues are anything but patient.

“That is challenging because I gotta make sure all their technical things are 100%,” Moe explained. “Because I have to do my work and I can’t just stop in the middle of the meeting that I have with a customer and be like, ‘OK, here. Let me help you fix your connection issue or your machine issue.’ That’s gotta be squared away so I can do my job.” 

In addition to providing fast and reliable connections, United’s BLAST u6 router provides more than enough bandwidth for all household devices by offering the very latest in Wi-Fi 6 technology, dual-band support using both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands, and a built-in firewall to keep families safe from viruses and cyber attacks. With the United UControl app, parents can quickly and easily manage their Wi-Fi network with features like parental controls and time limits customized for individual family members.

United’s internet service works for Moe, and it can be the right solution for you, too. Learn more about United’s home fiber internet service at https://united.net/internet-residential/fiber-internet/.