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Sunny Staycations: United’s Guide to Summer Bliss

By Jasmine Stevenson, Salesforce and E-Commerce Administrator

Summer has officially arrived, and you don’t need to travel far to make the most of this blissful season! Thanks to United Communications, your summer staycation can be just as adventurous—or relaxing—as any getaway. Here’s how to turn up the summer fun right from your own home, all while staying connected with United’s reliable services.

Movie Night Magic

For a fun movie night under the stars, choose a streaming service from MyBundle TV and binge-watch your favorite series or film! To ensure your backyard cinema is a hit, set up a projector and screen (a white sheet works, too!), arrange comfortable seating with cushions and blankets, and ensure a strong Wi-Fi signal with United’s GigaSpire u4 mesh

Explore Locally 

Take a short trip to the heart of Shelbyville or historic downtown Franklin to explore the unique blend of local culture and charm these cities offer. With United’s free public Wi-Fi hotspots, you can stay connected as you enjoy a walking tour, great food, shopping, or even a summer festival!  

Virtual Reality Travel and Adventure Series

Leverage virtual reality (VR) to transport your family to distant places without leaving home. Host a VR travel night where you explore exotic locations, historical sites, or even outer space. Each week can feature a different destination with themed decorations, costumes, and food. United’s high-speed internet ensures a seamless VR experience, making these virtual trips vivid and lag-free.

Unleash Your Inner Artist

Head to YouTube or TikTok for a crafting tutorial! From painting to pottery, United’s internet connection ensures you have the bandwidth to follow along without interruption, letting everyone’s artistic side shine. If you have little ones, check out the United Communications Kids Zone. They can play games, print coloring sheets, and meet their new friends Filbert and Webbie, who will teach them all about staying safe online. 

Virtual Game Night

Don’t let distance stop you from connecting with your friends or family! With United’s high-speed and reliable internet, you can host an uninterrupted virtual game night and add some competitive fun to your evening. 

Technology opens up a world of possibilities for enhancing your at-home staycation. United’s high-speed internet service is your gateway to global experiences, whether it’s streaming movies, experiencing virtual adventures, or connecting with long-distance loved ones. 

Stay Connected With United This Summer

Be sure to head to our website and sign up for our customer newsletter to stay in the know about our summer promotions! If you’re eager to discover how our local expertise and commitment can enhance your internet experience, we invite you to check your availability or get in touch with our dedicated team.

About the Author:

By Jasmine Stevenson, Salesforce and E-Commerce Administrator

As the Salesforce and e-commerce administrator at United Communications, Jasmine Stevenson is dedicated to analyzing data to provide the best online customer experience. Born and raised in Nashville, Jasmine loves working for a local company that cares about the communities it serves. After earning a Bachelor of