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What is IPTV? Well, It’s amazing

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IPTV, or Internet Protocol Television, is a relatively new technology that we use to deliver TV service to customers. Internet Protocol technology allows information to be sent and received over any broadband or network connection. This enables all your devices and services — including your TV — to work together in new ways.

IPTV enables two-way interactivity, versus a traditional, one-way cable or satellite broadcast network. IP technology also allows for more flexibility within your home network. With IP, all the United set top boxes (receivers) in your home — no matter which room they are in — are connected on the same high-speed home network. This lets you watch shows recorded from your DVR on any TV in the house.

United IPTV is also different than streaming videos over the public Internet. Our programming is carried over our managed network, which allows us to control video quality and the reliability of your service. Because IP lets your TV communicate with other services, it can bring integrated broadband content and features to your TV screen.


IPTV is still a rapidly evolving technology. So, we are only seeing a glimpse of what will be possible in the next few years. Best of all, because our IPTV service, we’ll be able to roll out new enhancements to your TV service quickly and easily