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Finding A Reliable Internet Service Provider

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JT Dawson’s family, like most in America, relies heavily on residential internet service. When the coronavirus pandemic began to take hold, that meant the entire family—JT, his wife, Ashley, and their two children—would be spending all of their time at home, connected to the internet for work, learning, and leisure time. Spending more time at home, however, was a difficult adjustment with the family’s previous internet service provider. Ashley found it especially challenging as she tried to work from home using a portable hotspot with a weak connection. Hoping to get the service they needed, JT looked to United Communications for service options.

JT and his family struggled for years to find an internet service provider with quality customer service. The need for reliable, fast internet was becoming abundantly clear by the day and the larger companies they tried left something to be desired when it came to customer service. “They were always hard to reach and communicate with. And honestly, they were expensive,” JT affirms. Options for internet connection are limited in JT’s area. He had been a United Communications customer at a previous residence and loved the service, so he began to wonder if he should switch to a company he knew would take care of his family.

Finally, after checking the availability of United Communications’ service in his area, JT and his wife contacted customer service to discuss an installation. “We were on the phone for eight, maybe nine minutes, and they had answered all my questions and had an installation appointment ready. That was a Monday and they installed the service on Thursday. The timeline worked out great,” said JT. Now, the Dawson family has the quality internet connection they need to work, stream, and stay connected with their loved ones. “I would tell anyone to check United’s availability in your area. They’re easy to deal with and quick to respond. It’s just bar none. They blow other providers out of the water. I would highly recommend it to anyone,” adds JT.

United is overjoyed to hear that JT and his family had a great experience with our company. It’s all about keeping our neighbors connected. We strive every day to build relationships with customers and ensure that they feel taken care of. That’s what sets us apart from other area providers.