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Making Connections With Innovation

United Stealth FiberTM is a new, innovative process that greatly eliminates the need to dig trenches in yards in order to install our fiber network.

Our exclusive Stealth Fiber process means significantly less damage to a homeowner's property as compared to many other internet service providers laying underground cable.

How do we accomplish this?
United fiber is placed inside the same Smart Grid conduit Middle Tennessee Electric uses to maximize its grid reliability. As a service of MTE, United can utilize existing MTE Smart Grid conduits to run fiber optics, which are then available for home internet installation.

How does this benefit our residential customers?

1. Less digging and burying fiber conduit

2. Less time to install your fiber network

3. Less likely to be damaged by any future construction work

What are the benefits to United?

1. Utilize MTE existing Smart Grid conduit for a faster install

2. The process is more cost-effective and sustainable

3. It’s more environmentally friendly

United conduit ready for box placement

Example of United flush mount box

Trench Cropped

Example of traditional trenching without Stealth Fiber

Less construction, less disruption, and unparalleled reliability -
that's the promise of United's Stealth Fiber technology.