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Residential DSL Internet

Consistent speed, reliable service

What to Know About DSL

DSL, or Digital Subscriber Line service, paved the way for what we now call high-speed broadband internet. It works by transmitting data over existing copper telephone lines, but unlike dial-up, DSL internet is always on.

DSL is still available in limited areas serviced by United. United is consistently expanding our fiber network in order to upgrade DSL customers. Average United DSL speeds range from 10 to 50 Mbps.

Proudly Serving Middle Tennessee

As we expand our fiber network, many Middle Tennesseans continue to use existing copper infrastructure for internet access. United is proud to maintain our DSL network for these customers, while providing industry-leading, locally based customer care.

Check for Serviceability

Price is based on the highest available DSL speed to your location. Call our reps for more information.

Are you getting the speed you need?

Is Fiber for You?

With our Project UNITE initiative, United Communications is committed to connecting more of Middle Tennessee to faster, better broadband. We’re continually expanding our fiber optic infrastructure, and if we’re not already in your community, high-speed fiber internet may be on the way.