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Quick Start

Welcome to United! United has partnered with your complex to bring you high-speed internet. And installing & activating your new Calix router from United is easy & simple.

Please note that depending upon your location, the router may be located in a media cabinet as opposed to a table-top.

Please follow the instructional video below. Note that your Ethernet cable may already be plugged into your United Calix router in the “Globe” input slot. If so, you may ignore the first minute of the instructional video. Follow the steps to set up your UControl by United Wi-Fi management app.

Follow along with this short video, or see step-by-step instructions below.

Step 1

Download the app. You can search either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store for UControlbyUC, then install it on your mobile device.

Step 2

Once the app is installed and open, select “Let’s Get Started” then “Sign Up” towards the bottom of the screen.

Step 3

Enter your person information. The password you enter here will be used to access the app.

Step 4

Note: Please wait at least 10 minutes after your BLAST System has been “turned up” before attempting step 4.

If your system is plugged in and connected, select “Yes” to continue.

Otherwise, select “Not Sure?” at the bottom of the screen and skip to steps 4a-4e at the end of this guide to get things connected.

Step 5

Tap the QR code that appears within the app. (You will be asked to allow the app to access your camera.) Point your camera at the QR Code found on the bottom of your BLAST System, or on the sticker that came in your box (example shown below).

Select OK. After you select “Submit”, you may be asked to enter your account number.

Step 6

Note: If your system is already operating with Wi-Fi, tap the “Click here to skip” text.

Otherwise, complete these final steps to set up your Wi-Fi.

Name your network and create a password.

  • The Router Name will be used throughout the app.
  • The Network Name (SSID) is what you will use as your wireless connection name.
  • Select a password for your wireless network. If you do not want to change it on all the devices in your home, use your existing wireless SSID and Password from your current router.

Click submit and you’re all done!

The following steps are only necessary if you selected “Not sure?” in step 4. Most setups will not require Steps 4A-4E.

Step 4a

It’s time to set up your new system. Locate your existing internet service device. This is typically known as a modem or ONT. It may look like one of these:

Your ONT may be found inside a media panel like the one pictured above.
Example ONT

Step 4b

Unplug the device and remove all cables. Wait 2 minutes.

Step 4c

After 2 minutes, plug the device back in and turn it on.

Step 4d

Connect the ethernet cable from the ethernet/LAN port on your existing internet service device to the port labelled WAN on your new system.

Step 4e

Now, connect your new system to a power outlet. It may take several minutes for the unit to be ready. It will show a solid blue light. Once the device is connected, tap “Unit Ready”.

Go back to step 5 above.

Need help? Contact support: united.net/support or (800) 779-2227