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Basic, Ultra or Premier Plans are available for $59.95/month for ONE YEAR and include our exceptional Calix router.

Plan based on best speed tier available at your location.


*Offer not applicable to Supreme plan.



Standard Fixed Wireless Internet Plans:

$65 Basic – 15 Mbps Max Download/2 Mbps Max Upload
Good for: Downloading files, emailing

$80 Ultra – 25 Mbps Max Download/3 Mbps Max Upload
Great for: Downloading files, streaming music, short videos

$95 Premier – 60 Mbps Max Download/8 Mbps Max Upload
Ideal for: Online gaming, work-from-home, streaming HD videos, uploading large files

$125 Supreme (limited availability) – 100 Mbps Max Download/20 Mbps Max Upload
Perfect for: Online gaming, better HD streaming, video conference calls, uploading large files

*All options come with NO DATA CAPS & NO CONTRACT; some speeds are not available in all areas.


How does fixed wireless internet service get to my home?

Formerly Athena, our fixed wireless broadband technology delivers the same high speeds and service of traditional broadband but is delivered wirelessly versus buried cables.

A small antenna is placed on your home that receives a direct signal from a wireless tower near by. Unlike technology used for cellular data, the wireless connection from your home “end point” and the tower allows for fast reliable service via a fixed wireless connection. This prevents the interrupted data experienced by cell phone users that often happen as signals bounce from one tower to another.

Service Availability is based on the closest available tower location. Fixed Wireless service is available to customers for miles in every direction with a clear line of site to the tower.

How is fixed wireless internet different than satellite internet?

Fixed Wireless high speed broadband provides an excellent alternative to satellite in rural areas where traditional broadband infrastructure is not available.

Satellite technology has a similar reach as fixed wireless but suffers from data lags called “latency” as the signals literally travel to space. Data usage caps are common and monthly costs tend to be much higher.

Would Your Property Make A Good Location For A Tower?

grass field and trees

Land Requirements:

–  Provide a leased area approximately 300′ x 300′

–  Property requires zoning classification allowing communication structures

–  Must be willing to lease for a minimum of 20 years

–  Free Internet service offered  as payment to land owner for use of property as long as tower remains active

CLICK HERE to submit your property for a tower location.

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