United To Improve Connectivity In Middle TN

We are excited to announce that United Communications has been awarded $5.2 million in grants from the Tennessee Emergency Broadband Fund to enhance broadband infrastructure in underserved areas that have lower than 25 Mbps bandwidth, including portions of Bedford, Rutherford, Marshall, and Williamson counties.

Impact on Middle Tennessee

Rural areas of Middle Tennessee need connectivity now more than ever. As many are working, attending school, and conducting health visits online, internet connection has become a basic necessity. Even beyond these basics, a reliable broadband connection opens countless growth opportunities for the residents in these areas—many of which will contribute directly to the growth of the local economy. It’s United’s mission to ensure that our residents are not left behind without access to meet their most basic needs.

Through grant funding combined with United’s own investment, we will spend more than $6.5 million to bring fiber internet access to 1,761 homes in Middle Tennessee by the end of 2020. Broken down into the four designated county zones, United will connect 756 homes in Bedford and Rutherford counties, 710 homes in Marshall County, and 295 homes in Williamson County.

“We are fully committed to not only bringing fiber to these homes,” said Chris Jones, President and CEO of Middle Tennessee Electric, “but also to delivering the best customer service from the only local provider.”

United’s Commitment to Middle Tennessee

United Communications’ commitment to Middle Tennessee—our Middle Tennessee Connectivity Initiative—is a long-term mission to connect rural, historically underserved areas with high-speed internet. Currently, United services over 13,000 internet customers, many of which are in areas that would otherwise not have access to broadband. This newly-awarded grant funding will significantly accelerate the impact of our mission to connect Middle Tennessee.

“We are honored to have been chosen as a recipient of the Tennessee Emergency Broadband Fund. United has been expanding fiber-broadband throughout our communities in Middle Tennessee for over a decade—because we care deeply about the people of this area and believe that everyone, without exception, deserves a strong internet connection. These funds will speed the delivery of advanced fiber internet to some of the most rural areas of Williamson, Marshall, Bedford, and Rutherford Counties,” says William Bradford, President and CEO of United Communications.

Since 1947, United has built a reputation on quality communication services in Middle Tennessee and is one of the first companies in this region to introduce a fiber-to-the-home network. Headquartered in Chapel Hill, Tennessee, United Communications offers residential and business services, including internet, phone, and digital TV.

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