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5 Ways United Goes the Extra Mile for Small Businesses

By Christopher Taylor, Business Sales Manager

Small business owners know how vital it is to have a reliable, efficient, and supportive internet service provider they can trust. That’s where United Communications comes in. Rooted deeply in our local communities and dedicated to offering unmatched customer service, we’re not just a provider—we’re your business partner. I’ve been working in telecommunications for thirty years, and my most recent role at United is dedicated to helping small businesses understand how United can help grow their companies. 

Supporting small businesses is an important part of our mission at United. Here are five ways we go the extra mile to support the growth and operations of businesses across Middle Tennessee. 

Rapid Response to Service Requests

We understand that time is money for small businesses, so we prioritize rapid responses to service inquiries and issues. When a ticket is submitted—whether it’s for a residential or business account—United takes it seriously. The process of addressing issues starts immediately, ensuring minimal downtime and disruption. Our swift response is also crucial during the initial setup phase. When we connect a new business, our services are typically up and running within a day or two. A quick turnaround is especially beneficial for new businesses eager to hit the ground running.

Customized Internet Solutions

At United Communications, we recognize that every small business has unique needs, so we offer a range of internet speeds and solutions tailored to individual business requirements. United ensures that every business, from small start-ups needing basic internet to growing SMEs requiring high-bandwidth solutions, has access to the high-speed internet needed to operate efficiently and scale effectively.

Exceptional Customer Service and Support 

As a local internet service provider, all of us here at United Communications live in the communities we serve. Our customers are also our neighbors and friends, so we offer exceptional customer service and support that goes beyond resolving technical issues. Each customer is treated with a personal touch—real people answer calls and work on solutions. After we resolve an issue, United’s team follows up to ensure that everything is working smoothly and that the client is satisfied with the service. This level of personalized support is rare and sets United apart as a true partner to small businesses.

Our industry-leading customer reviews show how we provide the best internet customer support in Middle Tennessee. We regularly survey customers about their experiences through a Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey to measure how well we’re serving them. We finished 2023 with an NPS of 82—nearly triple the telecom industry average of 31.

Telecom Consultancy Services

We also act as a telecom consultant for our small business clients. By understanding the specific needs and demands of each business, we advise our clients on the optimal internet speed and connectivity solutions that are best for them. This consultancy offers a comprehensive suite of services, including voice offerings such as VOIP, that can evolve as the business grows. This proactive approach helps small businesses stay ahead in a competitive digital landscape.

Innovation and Community Partnerships

United’s commitment to providing reliable, high-speed internet has spurred innovative practices and partnerships in our communities that benefit local small businesses. By working closely with community leaders and our partners, United helps foster an ecosystem where small businesses can thrive. These partnerships not only enhance the technological infrastructure of the area but also create a network of support for small businesses embarking on digital transformations.

By investing in local infrastructure, including our minimally disruptive United Stealth Fiber, we provide advanced solutions that keep small businesses at the cutting edge. Our work helps power local economies across multiple counties, ensuring that businesses can thrive and contribute to regional prosperity.

Discover the Difference with United Communications

75 years ago, United Communications was founded by local farmers and business leaders to bring phone service to rural areas of Middle Tennessee that were ignored by larger service providers. As a local internet service provider, we’ve continued our commitment to serving the small and mid-sized businesses that are the backbone of local economies across our state. To explore how United Communications can elevate your business, schedule an appointment with us today.

About the Author:

Christopher Taylor, Business Sales Manager

Christopher Taylor is the Business Sales Manager at United Communications, bringing 30 years of experience in the telecom industry. In his role, Christopher leads a team of experienced professional account executives on the small business and enterprise sales team. His team’s primary objective is to drive new business customer acquisitions and revenue growth. He has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Colorado Technical University. Christopher has been a United Communications customer himself for many years and is proud to be part of an organization that is making such a positive impact across Middle Tennessee.