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Local Experts, Local Knowledge: Our Team’s Deep Connection to the Community

By Todd Brown, Director of People and Culture

At United Communications, our commitment to the customers and communities we serve runs deep. We believe that being a local internet service provider means more than just providing our customers with high-speed internet access. It’s also about being a part of local communities and supporting their growth and success.

We’ll share stories to highlight the various ways United Communications is connected to our local communities. We’ll share stories of employees who are making a difference, and we’ll discuss our partnerships with local leaders and organizations. We’ll also talk about our commitment to providing our customers with the best possible internet service and customer support.

How United Communications is Connected to Our Local Communities

Here are a few of the ways that United Communications is connected throughout Middle Tennessee and how that supports our mission: 

1. Our employees live in the areas we serve.

At United Communications, our commitment to the customers isn’t just a tagline—it’s deeply ingrained in our company culture. One of the primary benefits of being a local internet service provider (ISP) is that our employees live in our service area. We have a deep understanding of the unique needs and challenges of our customers because we experience them ourselves.

I think of people like Megan Hall, who had United telephone service in her childhood home in College Grove. Today, she is a Plant Accountant in our Finance and Accounting department. She plays an integral part in helping United follow compliance standards, which has a tremendous impact on our grant funding.

Most of our employees live in the United Communications footprint, and dozens of our team members rely on our services for their home internet and television needs. This sense of shared connection ensures that you’re not speaking to a faceless entity when you reach out to us for support. Instead, you’re talking to a neighbor who cares about your internet needs.

2. We’ve partnered with local leaders to accelerate Project UNITE.

At United Communications, we’re committed to closing the digital divide through our Project UNITE initiative. Over the past several years, we’ve shown a proven track record of success in securing grant funding to support broadband infrastructure projects. For example, we partnered with leaders in counties like Williamson, Wilson, and Rutherford to develop and submit grant proposals that resulted in millions of dollars in funding.

We are also proud to have the support of government leaders like Governor Bill Lee, who has made it a priority to bridge the digital divide in Tennessee.

3. Our leaders are committed to serving their communities and supporting growth.

One way we’ve expanded our connection to the local community is by getting involved in programs that support development and economic growth. Over the past several years, numerous United Communications leaders and managers have participated in county-based leadership programs. This participation has helped us better understand the unique needs and challenges of the cities and counties we serve.

Our COO, Josh Lynch, exemplifies our connection to many local communities. He is involved with several community organizations, including the Marshall Education Foundation, the Boys and Girls Club, the Tennessee College of Applied Technology-Shelbyville, and Rotary International.

4. We attend dozens of community events and volunteer with local nonprofits.

Our attendance at many community events and our work with local nonprofits reflects our commitment to giving back. Whether we’re showing up for the annual Wings for Freedom Fish Fry in Smyrna or visiting the world-famous Wilson County Fair, we love connecting with neighbors and supporting local events.

In 2023, we took our engagement to a new level by organizing seven events that brought our employees and community members together. Our dedicated employees actively volunteered their time and efforts to make these events successful.

For example, our Manager of Community Engagement, Dawn Hobbs, does an incredible job of building relationships with organizations across Middle Tennessee and developing partnerships to serve others. If you’ve ever seen a United Communications truck or tent at a local event, there’s a good probability that Dawn is there, too.

5. We partner with developers to enhance new residential communities.

We understand that high-speed internet is essential for modern life. That’s why we collaborate closely with developers, builders, realtors, and HOAs to ensure that the residents of new residential communities in Middle Tennessee have access to the best possible internet offerings. Our fast, reliable internet services and local knowledge of the community make a big difference.

Our market development manager, Kimberly Goodwin, is an expert at understanding the bandwidth and telephone requirements of new residential communities. She works with developers to outfit their communities with the infrastructure they need to provide fiber internet to residents.

6. We take time to listen to every customer.

United Communications hires local customer service representatives. Most of the time, when a customer calls in, they are on the phone with a United representative within 30 seconds. We prioritize that timeline because we believe in providing our customers with prompt and efficient service.

Our customer engagement specialist, Levi Newman, provides a great example of how we take time to listen to every customer. When a customer provides positive feedback, Levi shares that feedback with the team so that we can replicate more positive experiences for other customers. When a customer offers suggestions for improvement, Levi reaches out to them individually to obtain as much information as possible.

Experience the Difference United Communications Can Offer

After more than 75 years of serving the Middle Tennessee community, our mission to enrich our communities and the lives of our neighbors through reliable connections and passionate service remains the same. We take pride in serving our neighbors and being involved in our community.

If you’re eager to discover how our local expertise and commitment can enhance your internet experience, we invite you to check availability or get in touch with our dedicated team.

About the Author:

Todd Brown, Director of People and Culture at United Communications

Todd Brown brings over 20 years of HR experience to his role as Director of People and Culture at United Communications. In this position, Todd helps drive United’s employee experience strategy. Todd’s expertise in leading teams and identifying process improvements allows him to make a tremendous difference in the lives of United employees. He also enhances United’s workplace environment by supporting our company’s DEI initiatives and retention efforts. Todd received his Bachelor’s in Management and Human Relations from Trevecca Nazarene University and has lived in Nashville for more than 20 years.