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A Local Internet Provider that Listens: How We Put Our Customers First

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By Levi Newman — Customer Experience Specialist

At United Communications, our commitment to customers is everything. We believe that providing local, fast, and reliable internet along with exceptional customer service is something everyone deserves from their internet provider. As United’s Customer Experience Specialist, I have the chance to interact with dozens of customers every single day, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity. I enjoy learning from those who share positive feedback and resolving any issues a customer may have.

From my perspective, here’s how United creates an exceptional experience for all our customers:

We Understand Our Customers’ Needs

As a local internet service provider, we hire local customer service representatives who live in the areas we serve. This offers several unique advantages:

1. We Respond Quickly

At least 80% of the time, when a customer calls in, they are on the phone with a United representative within 30 seconds. Most issues can be resolved over the phone. And when we do need to send a technician to fix the issue, in most cases, we can schedule that appointment for the same day they call.

2. We Know Our Product Inside and Out

Many of our employees are United customers themselves, and our representatives understand our internet and digital TV services because they use them every day.

When customers call in, they’re likely to speak to someone in Middle Tennessee who uses the same products they do and can provide the best possible solution.

Whether our customers are talking to someone in the billing department or a service technician, they’re speaking with someone who knows our products and our services inside and out.

We Listen to Every Customer

As a Customer Experience Specialist, I primarily deal with customer survey responses. From personal experience, I can tell you that we review every survey response we receive.

When a customer provides positive feedback, I review their insights so that we can replicate more positive experiences for other customers.

When a customer provides suggestions for improvement, I reach out to them individually to obtain as much feedback as possible. Our team then reviews that feedback to improve our services.

We Make Installation and Maintenance Easy

At United, we want to make installing and managing your internet service as simple as possible. Our sales team provides useful information to help our customers determine what services they do or don’t need. We also make sign-up and installation easy. In-house United representatives are available at any time to give progress updates about the installation process.

Additionally, if you ever have an issue, United has a fully trained Technical Support and Repair Technician team. Our customers don’t experience a lot of issues, but when they do, we have a phenomenal tech support team to get you back up and running. Most of the time, our technical support team can help customers restore service in ten minutes or less.

We’re Constantly Improving our Customer’s Experience

Creating an exceptional customer experience requires teamwork and training. In almost every meeting, the very first question our team asks is, “How is this going to impact our customers?” When we find areas that can be improved, leadership is quick to devise solutions to continually improve our customers’ experiences.

Our customer service training is the best I’ve experienced in any customer service role. Each new customer service representative has the chance to learn from senior employees who have been working at the company for years. This approach helps new team members learn the core principles that have helped build United’s reputation for exceptional service. It’s also a way for our team to listen and learn from new employees to identify areas where we can improve. 

Experience the United Difference: Choose a Local Internet Provider

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my time with United, it’s that everyone in our company truly cares about our customers. Each team—from our executive leadership team to our installation team to our billing team — strives to provide an exceptional customer experience from start to finish. It’s a fantastic feeling to know that I get to be a part of it every day.

If you are looking for an internet service provider that will take great care of you, choose United Communications. We’re proud to support Middle Tennessee by providing high-quality customer service and high-speed internet while expanding local broadband infrastructure.

Author Bio:

Levi Newman

Customer Experience Specialist

As a Customer Experience Specialist, Levi works on the front lines to provide exceptional customer service for United Communications. In his role, Levi resolves issues and answers questions for our customers.

Prior to joining United, Levi worked as an EMT and as an EMT dispatcher. He also worked for a medical billing company, where he began to learn the essential tenets of customer satisfaction.

Levi’s warm demeanor and impressive people skills are a perfect match for his work at United. Levi joined United in 2021 as a Customer Service Representative and was soon promoted to his current role.