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Project UNITE Customer Spotlight: Dawn Bowden

For United Communications fiber internet customer Dawn Bowden, fast and reliable internet isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity that keeps her connected with family on the other side of the world. Although they’re separated by more than 7,500 miles, she’s always just one tap away from seeing and hearing her son, an Air Force mechanic, and two grandkids in Okinawa, Japan.

Dawn lives in Lewisburg with her husband, Barry, an employee at Henry Horton State Park – another satisfied United fiber internet customer. Together, they have five children, thirteen grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren. When we last spoke to Dawn, she was visiting her father in Arizona with her brother from Quebec.

Dawn’s connection to each member of her family is at the very heart of Project UNITE. By installing fiber in many rural areas of Middle Tennessee, United Communications and our partners are working to give everyone in Middle Tennessee the fast, reliable internet service they need to stay in touch.

Before Fiber Internet

Dawn’s been a United customer since the days of dial-up internet service. But for the past six months, she’s enjoyed United’s fiber internet with speeds 20 times faster than her previous service. That fiber connection, made possible by Project UNITE, has made all the difference for Dawn to live independently, thrive in her hobbies, and remain close to her family.

“They put in the fiber in the summer of 2021, and I was so thankful to have it,” said Dawn. “My neighbors have a family of ten living there, and they love it, too.”

The Benefits of Fiber

“Now it’s boom, zoom, you don’t have to worry about those things anymore,” said Dawn. “We’ve got four TVs and everyone can be on their phones, and our internet won’t just quit because we’re on fiber. It’s amazing. We stream movies, we pay bills online, and all the grandkids like to come over and watch YouTube. And we do too, to help us do things around the house.”

Recently, she’s depended on her internet service to learn how to change a tricky water filter in her refrigerator, install her very own ductless HVAC system, and build a greenhouse to keep lemon, lime, and avocado trees all grown from seed.

“Even when I do my gardening, I’m on my phone,” she explained. “I’m looking up plants or diagnosing what’s wrong with them. My internet works quite far away from the house, and I like that.”

Local Company, Quality Service

Dawn also appreciates that United Communications is a local company dedicated to quality customer service.

“Their customer service is awesome,” she said. “You can call and they’ll come right out to help you out, or you can go right there and talk to them. Levi, one of their customer service people, is the best.”

And to anyone considering a switch to United, she has the following advice: “Do it!”

“The speed of the internet and the reliability with fiber is great, and United provides exceptional service.”

To see if fiber is available in your area, or to learn more about Project UNITE, please contact United Communications.