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Customer Spotlight: Kevin Collier, Goggin Warehousing

Goggin Warehousing is a local company that operates 34 facilities in eight states across the U.S. As the Vice President of Operations for the third-party logistics company, Kevin Collier says they depend on the services United Communications provides to run a smooth operation.

“We run our business through our internet, so high speed and reliability are a must.”

The company’s home office in Shelbyville utilizes United’s high-speed fiber internet and operates 90% of its facilities through a large voice-over IP platform. Goggin Warehousing’s main network hub is hosted inside United’s Chapel Hill location. 

“We serve our customers by becoming extensions of them. We have to work to get the product in, and then we get that product logistically transferred to the end user. Communication is obviously very important for us internally and externally.”

In 2023, Goggin Warehousing generated roughly $50 million in revenue. The stakes are high with revenue numbers that depend on a steady internet connection. Still, Kevin says he doesn’t have to worry because United Communications has been a trusted partner since 2017.

“United offers internet service that’s just as stable—if not more stable—than anyone else. They’re local, and you can reach them when you need to. How could that be any better? United’s service works, their systems work, and they work for us seamlessly.”

Since Goggin Warehousing operates dozens of facilities across the country, including locations in California, Arizona, and along the border of Mexico, Kevin sometimes needs to use a specific company for phone or internet service because of where the facility is located. Some facilities are in areas where a single provider is exclusive to the whole area. Kevin says, unlike United Communications, dealing with a lot of the larger phone and internet companies isn’t a simple process. 

“With United, if I have a question or an issue, I can get ahold of someone right away. To log a ticket, I don’t have to pick up the phone, talk to an automated computer, go through 10 minutes of menus to log a ticket, and then wait two days to get an answer. If United serviced California, Arizona, and the border of Mexico, I’d be with them in a heartbeat.”

Over the last 77 years, United Communications has made a name for itself by providing high-quality service that local businesses like Goggin Warehousing can depend on. Unlike other ISPs, our success as a local business depends on the success of our local customers. 

“We know the service, we like the service, we know the people. And that’s the biggest thing. I think United has great people who care, who are reactive when we need them, and who have solutions. We’re a $50 million company, and I get sales calls all week. It would have to be an awfully good deal for me to look at something else.” 

Our proven track record of customer service and dedication to putting our customers first sets us apart. Our approach ensures that our longstanding partnerships with businesses like the one with Kevin and Goggin Warehousing will continue for years to come.

Learn more about the business and residential services United Communications offers and if we’re available where you are by visiting our website.