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Don’t Discount The Importance of Upload Speed

How do you ensure that your internet service provider can give you the speeds you need, not just download, but upload?

Many internet service providers will promote their download speeds and ignore their upload speeds. It’s essential to understand your internet usage and how a provider can help you meet those needs. As customers, we’re often attracted to the provider that gets in front of us first with the best “speed” and “price.” So, to be an informed consumer, what can we do to make the best choice for ourselves and our household?

Download speeds are important for typical everyday internet usage, for example, streaming video or downloading a file from email. Upload speeds refer to the speed that your internet connection can allow data to be sent from your devices to the internet. For example, this could include playing video games with friends, sending emails, or having video chats. These activities are all important and have become even more essential as we spend more time at home.

Today’s remote learners and work-from-home professionals need a good upload speed. And frankly it’s becoming a greater need for everyday activity like fast cloud storage, working on live cloud-hosted documents like Google Sheets or Docs, photo or video sharing on social media, and especially gaming. When you send an email or call family or friends on FaceTime or Skype, you’re uploading. As a student learning from home, you may be using online learning resources, which require two-way communication (uploading and downloading).

So if you’re shopping for a new provider, you may have to search to find out their upload speed since download speed is typically the only speed advertised. Many national brands sell gigabit internet but their upload speed may be quite low. Do your research and make sure upload is part of your consideration. And while you’re at it, keep in mind that all these activities use data, and most national brands limit the data you can use and charge you extra for overages. By the way, United doesn’t, we offer all internet packages with unlimited data.

Now take into consideration multiple users and wireless smart devices at home. If you have someone streaming and you’re video conferencing, your Wi-Fi may be struggling to perform at it’s best. So as you’re determining the right speed package for your needs, don’t waste all that great bandwidth with a router that is old technology or lacks a strong signal. New routers, like United’s equipment, maximizes performance and takes advantage of all that great speed you’re paying for.

United Communications Can Help!

United Communications is known for our exceptional customer service. Our team is ready and waiting to help you understand your internet needs, providing you with the speed that keeps your household connected seamlessly. We can advise you on what will support your day-to-day activities, and get you connected with the best services for you.

To connect with our team or to check to see if fiber internet is available in your area, please contact United Communications or click to learn more about our internet options.