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For Affordable Internet, Say ‘No’ to Data Caps

One of our most frequently asked questions is, “How much data do I get with my internet service plan; do I have limits?” The answer is always a relief for our customers to hear. No. We do not have data caps, which means that you don’t have limits, and you will not be charged for any overages. Our commitment to never adding data caps to our plans is one more way that we strive to make high-speed internet access more accessible and affordable, an important element of our mission to connect Middle Tennessee—Project UNITE.

United Communications is Committed to Accessible, Affordable Internet

With so few choices for internet service providers in the U.S., there are companies out there that take advantage of that opportunity, raising their rates and finding new (and exploitative) ways to increase their revenue. Because of the limited competition, these companies’ competitors will most often follow suit, hiking up their prices as well.

This phenomenon is all too common in the telecommunications industry, which is why some providers are attempting to make data overage charges the norm. United Communications, however, provides our customers with unlimited internet usage without data caps. We want to increase the accessibility and affordability of the internet, and data caps would directly go against our company values.

Project UNITE: Connecting Middle Tennessee

Our mission to connect Middle Tennessee, Project UNITE, leverages community partnerships, state and federal funding, United’s own investments, and other opportunities to improve the broadband infrastructure throughout our area. Though this has always been a focus of United’s, the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the need for high-speed internet. In addition, this past year reinforced our desire to not limit data usage – with so many more consumers remote working, distance learning, engaging in telehealth and more – adding restrictions just isn’t the way United operates. To learn more about Project UNITE’s mission and progress, and United Communications, please visit our website.