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How Middle Tennesseans Can Access the Affordable Connectivity Program

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Author: William Bradford, President and CEO of United Communications

As a local internet service provider with over 75 years of connecting Middle Tennessee, United Communications has been a proud participant in the FCC’s Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) since it started in December 2021. This investment in broadband affordability helps to ensure we can afford the internet connections our communities desperately need for the future.

The program, which provides a discount of up to $30 per month toward internet service for eligible households, allows more people in our service area to access high-speed internet. And yet, thousands of residents in our service area still don’t know about the program. Experts estimate that as many as 1,131,000 households in Tennessee are eligible for the Affordable Connectivity Program. 

At United, I’ve seen the Affordable Connectivity Program make a tangible difference in the lives of many customers across Middle Tennessee. Whether you’re a current United customer or not, I want this blog to highlight how the program works and share the steps you can take to enroll. 

Connecting Tennesseans: Project UNITE & The Affordable Connectivity Program 

Broadband networks and government leaders have recognized United’s commitment to closing the digital divide in Middle Tennessee for years. Our Project UNITE initiative was specifically designed to provide high-speed internet access to underserved communities throughout Middle Tennessee. But thousands of people all across Tennessee may need help to afford the additional cost of internet service. The Affordable Connectivity Program creates an opportunity for more people to connect to high-speed internet — whether you live in the city, a suburban community, or a rural area. At United, I’ve seen the ACP make a tangible impact in the lives of hundreds of customers across all of our different service areas.

I am reminded of a specific example of a grandmother who recently took custody of her special needs grandson. Suddenly, she found herself needing high-speed internet to access resources to help support his care. Living on a fixed income, she was looking for an affordable way to care for her grandson and still cover her regular expenses. 

Thankfully, she lived in an area where United recently expanded fiber service. We helped her sign up for the ACP and select a plan that worked within her budget. With the help of ACP and Project UNITE, her grandson can enjoy some of the same benefits as other kids across the country. 

How to Check Eligibility and Enroll in the Affordable Connectivity Program

As a resident of Middle Tennessee and leader at United, I want to help as many people as possible find a cost-effective way to access high-speed internet. We recently created instructions to check eligibility and enroll in the Affordable Connectivity Program. Current United Communications customers can reach out to our support team to apply the discount to their bill once they’ve been approved. 

Eligible households must both apply for the program through the FCC government website and contact United to receive a service discount. It’s also important to know that your home only qualifies for one ACP benefit. 

Fast, Reliable, & Affordable Internet in Middle Tennessee

As a local internet service provider for thousands of Middle Tennesseans, we understand that access to high-speed internet has become essential to our daily lives. Whether for educational purposes, working from home, finding employment, telehealth appointments, maintaining communication with our family, or entertainment purposes, high-speed internet creates new opportunities for us to connect and improves the quality of our lives.

As a proud participant in the Affordable Connectivity Program, I am truly honored to play a role in ensuring more households in cities, towns, and rural Tennessee communities can connect to high-speed internet. To learn more about the Affordable Connectivity Program, to complete your participant consent form, or to check your address for serviceability for United’s high-speed internet services, please visit our website to get started.

Author Bio: 

William Bradford, president and CEO of United Communications

William Bradford

President and CEO of United Communications

With over 20 years of executive experience in telecommunications management, William Bradford has guided United Communications to become a leading provider of internet, digital TV, and phone services for enterprise-class businesses and residential customers in Middle Tennessee. His passion for bridging the digital divide in rural communities led to Project UNITE, an initiative to provide fast, reliable broadband service to every under-connected home or business in the Tennessee mid-state region. William was recently recognized as one of the most influential technology leaders by Nashville Post’s In Charge List. He is the past president of the Tennessee Broadband Association and is actively involved in industry trade groups. William graduated with honors from Wake Forest University with a degree in Mathematical Economics. He and his family live in Brentwood, Tennessee.