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Why Local Internet Service Providers Serve You Better

It’s a great, heartwarming feeling to support local businesses. But, does it have benefits for the customer beyond supporting the local economy? We believe it does! The strong connections we make with our residential and business customers are made possible by our connection to the local community and our genuine care for their wellbeing and success. Here are a few reasons to choose your local Internet Service Provider (ISP) over the national competitors.

1. Local ISPs Know the Community

Living and working in the same community as your internet provider may mean more than you think. Possibly the biggest benefit of working with a local ISP is that it’s ingrained within the community and the local economy. And, as a member of the community, the company is invested in the success of its residents and fellow businesses. Additionally, as your neighbor, a local ISP knows how the community operates, what it needs, and how to get things done efficiently. The company will be the first to advocate for your needs and the last to put revenue before your satisfaction.

2. Local ISPs Lend a Hand When You’re in Need

Because local ISPs know your community so well, they know when you’re in need of a helping hand. When the community is down, they know how to jump in and help everyone get back on their feet. This has been top-of-mind for United Communications, having recently created Project UNITE to accelerate the growth of Middle Tennessee’s broadband infrastructure. We’re using community partnerships, grant funding, and our own investments to ramp up the fiber installation in rural areas. It’s a privilege to serve our community when it’s in need.

3. Local ISPs Provide Personal Customer Service

The personal, friendly customer service that you experience with a local service provider is unmatched by large-scale companies that send you to a call center for your questions and challenges. With a local ISP, you can expect responsive service and customer-first support.

4. Local ISPs Create Flexible Solutions

Have you ever been put on hold to solve a problem only to be met with a frustrating answer? Although everyone has different needs, large corporations are often full of red tape and restricted to certain processes. There is little flexibility. Local ISPs, on the other hand, work hard to understand your specific needs and how their team can provide you with the best solution.

5. Local ISPs Care About Your Success

Most of all, local ISPs care about you, your satisfaction, and your success. They’re here for all of your internet needs, business or residential, so that you can thrive. That genuine care is what sets local ISPs apart. Come see for yourself!

6. Your Local ISP is Here to Serve You

We know you, we’re your community partner, we’re your neighbor—and that means that we want what’s best for you, always. Are you looking for a local ISP that will take great care of you? We’re proud to support Middle Tennessee, providing high-quality customer service and high-speed internet while working to expand the local broadband infrastructure.