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United Spotlight: Josh Lynch

United Communications’ Chief Customer Officer, Josh Lynch, came on board with our team in 2017 as part of an acquisition. The internet company he co-founded and built from the ground up, Athena Broadband, was the perfect fit to broaden United’s reach and better serve our customers. And as it turns out, Josh’s skill set was exactly what we needed to continue improving upon our customer experience.

The impact Josh has had on our company as a whole, especially as it relates to our customer-facing operations, is unmatched. That’s why we’re elated to spotlight Josh’s journey with United Communications and the hard work that he’s putting in daily to make our customer experience exceptional.

How It All Started: United Communications’ Purchase of Athena Broadband

An entrepreneur at heart, Josh co-founded his company Athena Broadband in 2010 with a goal to provide internet in rural areas. Over time, the company evolved to also specialize in providing commercial and enterprise internet services—as these local companies weren’t receiving a good level of customer service from the national internet providers available in the area. “We had built a reputation for delivering excellent customer service, which meant a lot to business customers,” says Josh.

He was then able to dig even deeper into discovering what the customer experience needed to be and creating a strategy to get there. Athena Broadband’s customer-centric approach made this company a compelling purchase for United, as this was one of many ways that the two companies shared the same vision.

In 2017, United Communications purchased Athena Broadband, adding Josh to our team. The transition was an excellent move for both companies, as it was soon clear that we could reach our goals together much faster than either of us could alone.

Josh’s Contribution to Our Outstanding Customer Experience

As Chief Customer Officer, Josh’s objective is clear: to continually review and improve upon the customer experience. From the beginning, he’s been on a mission to increase United’s impact in Middle Tennessee, and his contribution to our company has grown exponentially since the acquisition.

“When I first came to United, I was placed over business development, and that was all I was focused on for the first six months. I slowly became more involved, taking over marketing responsibility and shortly after was given responsibility for anything that was customer-facing—sales, marketing, customer service, tech support, installation, and repair,” Josh explained.

With Josh in the lead on all things customer-facing, he is continually focused on making sure that United never loses our neighborly, customer-centric approach. “We’ve been serving friends and neighbors with friendly local service for the past seven decades. At the rate we’re growing, we have to make our customer service part of our processes and everything you focus on.” His dedication to keeping our quality of service at the forefront of every process is what allows Josh to analyze and improve how we support our customers.

What Josh Loves Most About United’s Customer-Centric Culture

“One of my favorite things about the United management team is that everyone is happy to receive our surveys every day. Every morning, the first email we get is our survey results to let us know how customers are feeling. Every manager looks at that email daily, and then we all meet with our Customer Experience Team on a regular basis to identify ways to improve,” said Josh.

Learn More About United’s Mission to Connect Middle Tennessee

We truly appreciate Josh and everything that he has done for our team and our customers. He’s pushing our mission to connect Middle Tennessee further, and for that, we’re forever grateful.