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United Communications Expands Fiber Deployment In Northern Marshall County

United Communications Expands Fiber Deployment In Northern Marshall County


United Communications is pleased to announce they have deployed fiber-to-the home technology to over 230 new homes in the rural areas of Marshall County, West and North of Chapel Hill, TN. “This is just the first of many areas where we plan to deploy fiber services under our newly announced Middle Tennessee Connectivity Initiative,” said William Bradford, the CEO of United Communications. “Expanding in Marshall County is exciting for us as it brings gigabit internet, digital TV, and crystal clear phone service to businesses and residents in the area, vaulting them ahead of the services that are available in many areas across greater metro Nashville today.”

The fiber expansion in Northwestern Marshall County includes over 140 homes in and around the Azalee Acres neighborhood, including Abigail Court, Alyssa Drive, Angela Way, Azalee Lane, Dean Road, and portions of Pyles Road (4307 through 4579) and Thick Road (4295 and through 4406).

The fiber deployment in Northeastern Marshall County includes over 90 homes and businesses in the areas around Blackwell Road and Mount Vernon Road between 5707 and 5870 Nashville Highway, including Jason Drive, Sidney Road, Villa Way, and portions of Mt Vernon Road (2515 through 2710) and Blackwell Road (2473 through 2499). The expansion will also include all new homes in the new Warner Ridge Estates neighborhood as well.

To learn more and confirm whether fiber service is available in your area, please visit www.united.net.

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