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United Kicks Off Middle Tennessee Connectivity Initiative With Deployment Of Fiber Internet To Henry Horton State Park

United Kicks Off Middle Tennessee Connectivity Initiative With Deployment Of Fiber Internet To Henry Horton State Park


United Communications has recently partnered with the Town of Chapel Hill and the Henry Horton State Park to bring new fiber technology to the popular local park. “This was a very rewarding project for us,” said William Bradford, the CEO of United Communications. “It was clear that the Town of Chapel Hill Administrator and the Henry Horton Park Manager all shared United Communications’ vision to stimulate local economic development through the power of technology. Henry Horton State Park is one of Marshall County’s critical community anchors we have recently upgraded to Gigabit Fiber Internet under our newly established Middle Tennessee Connectivity Initiative.”

In order to make this vision a reality, United Communications contributed over $5,000 in materials and resources and the Town of Chapel Hill allocated another $5,000 in order to build out new fiber connections to Henry Horton State Park. “We believe local government and business partnerships like this are critical to driving broadband deployment and economic development in rural areas and economic development,” said Bradford.

“The addition of Fiber Internet and Wi-Fi throughout the park’s Inn will enable us to host more vents and attract more visitors to the park who need high-speed Internet as part of their stay.” said Park Manager Ryan Jenkins. “We hope this upgraded technology will set Henry Horton State Park apart from other regional locations and help grow our business tourism base.”

The Chapel Hill Town Administrator remarked “Since the day I was hired, we set out to leverage local resources to improve the quality of life for Chapel Hill residents, as well as attract new residents, businesses, and visitors. The proximity of Chapel Hill to Nashville, Spring Hill, Shelbyville, and Lewisburg along with the attractions of the Henry Horton State Park and United Communications new fiber technology are critical factors to spurring economic growth in small towns like ours across America. We certainly hope this is just the first of many projects like this in our area.”

The first ever Middle Tennessee Connectivity Summit will be held at the Henry Horton State Park where United, in partnership with local community and business leaders will discuss ways to enhance their partnerships and speed the delivery of fiber Internet in the region.

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