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Compared to cable, 100% fiber intenet is a better far!

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United Communications is one of Middle Tennessee’s only fiber optics provider. Thanks to the power of our fast-as-light fiber optic cable, United Communications enables you to get the best possible performance from your internet, TV and phone.

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We’ll Treat You Like a Neighbor, Because We Are.

Our local customer service representatives know your area, because they work right down the street from you. In fact, they may even live right next door. So whenever you need help, count on us to be there for you.

Get Your Dedicated Fiber Optics Connection Today!

At United Communications, our mission is to bring the virtually unlimited capacity of fiber optic broadband to customers throughout Middle Tennessee. Fiber optics is the next evolution of broadband technology that enables a wide variety of possibilities for our homes, our businesses and even our entire communities. Compare the power of fiber optic broadband to your current high speed cable internet or satellite internet, and you’ll find there’s really no comparison. That’s because a fiber optic cable can transmit far more data. And does it dramatically faster. That means United Communications can deliver dramatically improved performance from your broadband internet, TV and phone.

Plus, your United Communications fiber optic cable is not only fast…it’s always fast, because it’s your fiber optic connection. In fact, even if 100% fiber-to-the-home is not yet available in your neighborhood, ALL United Communications customers get their very own dedicated connection, no sharing your bandwidth with your neighbors. So if you want faster speeds and dedicated service, call United Communications today!