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Internet From A Local Provider

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Does the source of your internet really matter? You call someone on the phone, they schedule an installation. When you have problems, you call an 800 number or hope to talk to someone through online chat. That’s how it works, right?

Not anymore! Finally, you can get world-class internet with amazing, local service and support. United Communications’ growing network delivers unbeatably fast high-speed Internet, stunning digital TV, and crystal-clear phone services.

While towns on the outskirts of Nashville, places like Nolensville, College Grove, and Chapel Hill, and Shelbyville traditionally had limited options for high-speed internet, United Communications is delivering more high-speed Internet service options through new fiber and fixed wireless technology.

It’s true – world-class service. And it’s being delivered by a local provider. So what are the biggest benefits of local internet service? We’re glad you asked.

One Call Does It All

With United Communications, dispatch and live tech support are centrally located in Chapel Hill, Tennessee. On the phone, you’re working with one of United’s highly trained local staff.

United Communications’ local operations center means that contact between our support desk and technicians in the field is faster than ever. It makes a huge difference when you’re on the phone with a question about your installation.

Local service also makes a big difference for installations that require digging. Securing clearance through power, telecom, water and natural gas providers is required before the minor digging needed to safely bury the line from the nearest access point to your home.

Because we work with the local utilities providers every day, United Communications coordinates all the needed scheduling and permissions in just a few phone calls. In other words, we know who to call to get the details handled.

Local Support 24/7

Internet issues rarely happen from 9 to 5. And while United internet options are reliable, the time may come when you run into a hiccup.

No matter when you need us, United Communications is there, with support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A telephone call or live chat is all it takes to get your issue cleared up and back to streaming your favorite movies and TV shows.

Surf Globally, Spend Locally

By closing the high-speed digital divide between larger markets and more rural areas, United’s growing internet network is an important economic engine. To support its $90-million investment in the region’s newest, fastest network, United has grown to over 50 employees who live, work and spend in the area.

Our schools benefit from the world of communication, connection, and learning opportunities that high-speed Internet connectivity create, too. We’ve connected several local schools to our broadband network, and we’re adding more every day.

Finally, we support the events and organizations that make southern Middle Tennessee a great place to call home. We are active members in the Williamson, Bedford, and Marshall County chambers. We provide free Internet to our local volunteer fire departments and first responders and recently delivered fiber services to the Henry Horton State Park.

We are looking forward to a busy summer in the communities we serve. You might see us at the Annual Lions Super Pull of the South, Nolensville’s Star Spangled Celebration, and the Nolensville Farmer’s Market, as well as other local events and festivals.

We think that support like this is more than just good community relations. We live here too. And we think it’s the way that businesses should support the cities and towns they live and work in.

So where you get your internet really does matter. For world-class internet that cares about the places you call home, choose the faster speeds and dedicated service of United Communications.

Ready to get started with world-class speed and service that comes with a local internet provider? Good move. Here are ten great reasons to choose Fiber for your internet. Or you can get started with United right away. Check your availability today!