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Top 5 Internet Provider Offers for Customer Service

Woman celebrating great internet prices

There are many factors to consider when determining which internet provider to choose. Because many providers offer the same basic packages at roughly comparable rates, customer service becomes one of the most important factors to consider when making the final call.

We know how unpleasant a negative customer service experience can be. At United, we’ve always believed in the importance of providing exceptional service for our customers.

As a local internet service provider, we are committed to creating an excellent experience because our customers are also our neighbors. 

1. Quick and Easy Installation Offerings 

Especially in rural areas, finding a service provider who can help you get set up quickly and without charging extra fees is an important first step to internet access. Larger service providers often charge extra fees for connecting homes outside of their “preferred” zones.

This isn’t the case at United. We recognize that getting connected as quickly as possible with minimal installation fees is just as important as finding a reliable internet service provider

2. Responsive, Customer-First Support  

During a customer service experience, there is nothing worse than a long wait time — except for when the customer service agent finally connects and then tries to upsell you on alternative solutions rather than trying to solve your specific problem.

Unfortunately, this is common practice for some internet service providers. At United, our local service team is designed to offer prompt and responsive solutions to all of our customers. We’re committed to offering personal, friendly customer service that is unmatched by large-scale companies that send you to a call center.  

3. A Commitment to Finding Solutions  

Large internet service providers are often limited by restrictive policies and red tape that make it impossible to truly help customers find a solution for their unique challenges. This often leaves you stuck with the same issue until your contract expires.

As a local ISP, United offers flexible solutions that help you address your specific problems. Our customer support team works hard to understand your specific needs and collaborates around how they can provide you with the best solution. 

4. Respectful, Courteous, and Helpful Technicians  

The installation and service technicians who visit your house should treat you and your space with care and respect. This includes everything from the moment they call to confirm the appointment to the moment they drive away.

Our technicians are trained to be professional, thoughtful, and considerate. We proactively communicate and educate customers to help them answer any specific questions they might have about their service.  

5. Investment in New Technology and Solutions 

The final aspect of customer service is ensuring customers have access to the fastest, most affordable internet solutions available. The best internet service providers are always working to make their customers’ lives better.

At United Communications, we have invested more than $100 million in internet solutions for customers in Middle Tennessee. Whether it’s helping rural communities connect to high-speed fiber or offering state-of-the-art Wi-Fi solutions, we’re committed to investing in our ability to provide the best services for our customers. 

Experience United’s Exceptional Industry-leading Customer Service  

At United Communications, our mission is to enrich our communities and the lives of our neighbors through reliable connections and passionate service. We don’t believe providing exceptional customer service is going out of our way…it is our way.  

​​To learn more about the customer experience we’ve created, check out what other customers are saying or connect with our team to learn about the specific ways we can serve you.