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8 Educational Streaming Shows for Young Families

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Author: BJ Webb, Director of Sales & Marketing at United Communications

As a mother of three children myself, I remember the challenge of trying to find ways to keep my kids active and entertained during the summer months when they were home from school. Even though my children are now young adults, it’s been exciting to see all of the possibilities that fiber internet has opened up for young families today. Finding entertainment that is fun, informative, and interactive is an important priority for families with children. The good news is that there are a variety of great educational shows for kids that can reinforce concrete academic skills while keeping them engaged. 

As someone who loves working for a local internet provider and values all of our customers’ needs, I thought it might be helpful to highlight a few educational and interactive streaming shows that our customers with children might enjoy this summer. Here are my top eight recommendations: 

1. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

Platform: PBS Kids

Recommended Age: 2-5

Based on the characters from Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood follows the adventures of Daniel Tiger and his friends. Parents love how this animated series teaches important social-emotional skills like empathy, kindness, and self-awareness.

2. Super Why!

Platform: PBS Kids

Recommended Age: 3-6

For kids learning to read, Super Why! takes viewers to a magical place where reading is a superpower. The show helps children learn to identify letters and sound out words while immersing them in an engaging narrative. In just 30 minutes, a team of superheroes ​​solves mysteries by finding Super Letters, putting them together into simple words, and then choosing the right word to fix the problem and change the story.

3. The Kiboomers

Platform: YouTube

Recommended Age: 3-6

It’s important to encourage kids to get up and move around, but that can be tough if it’s raining, too hot, or too cold to go outside. The Kiboomers have hundreds of interactive videos on YouTube that encourage learning and moving. It’s also a great way to reinforce counting, letter recognition, colors, and other concepts while moving their bodies. 

4. Bluey

Platform: Disney+ 

Recommended Age: Aimed at 5-7 year-olds but loved by people of all ages.

This Australian animated series is about a six-year-old Blue Heeler puppy and her family. One of the best aspects of Bluey is that it features relatable family dynamics and is designed to promote imaginative play. Episodes of Bluey treat children and their concerns with empathy and humor. As a result, it’s a hit with both kids and parents alike.

5. The Magic School Bus Rides Again

Platform: Netflix

Recommended Age: 5+

This reboot of the classic ‘90s series follows Ms. Frizzle’s younger sister, Fiona, as she takes her class on exciting science adventures. Similar to the original series, The Magic School Bus Rides Again is educational and entertaining, with plenty of humor and fun to keep little ones engaged.

6. Wild Kratts

Platform: PBS Kids

Recommended Age: 5-8

Wild Kratts follows the adventures of brothers Chris and Martin Kratt as they explore the animal kingdom. If your children love exploring the outdoors or visiting the zoo, they’ll enjoy the interactive and exciting ways the show teaches kids about different animals and their habitats.

7. Master Chef Junior

Platform: Hulu or YouTube TV

Recommended Age: 8-13

If your family loves watching The Food Network or The Great British Bake Off, you will love watching Master Chef Junior as a family. Similar to other cooking competitions, the show features young contestants who are passionate about cooking. Master Chef Junior is entertaining and introduces kids to the basics of food preparation, cooking techniques, and new ingredients. It’s also a wonderful way for kids to see young people who are passionate about a hobby and are following through on their dreams. 

8. Brain Games: Family Edition

Platform: YouTube TV 

Recommended Age: 10-13 and their families 

For families with older children, Brain Games: Family Edition is a science-themed show that explores the mysteries of the human brain and how it processes information. The “game show” format uses interactive games and experiments to teach all viewers about topics like perception, memory, and decision-making.

UControl: Manage Your Family’s Internet Usage with United

At United, we want to make it easy for parents to monitor and manage their family’s internet usage. With our UControl app, you can manage devices and set up parental controls for your network. This empowers you to set time limits for devices, block specific apps, and ​​protect children or grandchildren from harmful or inappropriate content. Our TV services also provide parents with an outlet that makes streaming easier than ever!

Whether you’re a young family in Franklin, Smyrna, Eagleville, Shelbyville, or any of the other communities we serve across Middle Tennessee, I hope you have an unforgettable summer. If there’s any way we can help make your life easier, we want to know. You can learn more about our commitment to customers, explore our parental control options, or reach out to our team anytime. 

Author Bio:

BJ Webb, Director of Sales & Marketing at United Communications

BJ Webb

Director of Sales & Marketing at United Communications

With over 20 years of executive experience in telecommunications and cybersecurity, BJ Webb is passionate about eliminating the digital divide. She is actively involved in Project UNITE, an initiative to provide fast, reliable broadband service to every under-connected home or business in the Tennessee mid-state region. BJ’s expertise was honed through years of corporate business experience in various sales, marketing, business operations, and business transformation roles. Before joining United Communications, BJ worked for more than 20 years leading product marketing and marketing teams. She is passionate about serving customers and providing them with the best possible experience.

BJ earned her MBA from the University of Illinois Gies College of Business in 2020 with specializations in Digital Marketing, Strategic Innovation, and Finance. She also holds a certificate in Design Thinking from the University of Texas at Austin, a certificate in Marketing Strategy and a certificate in Data-Driven Marketing from Cornell University, a micro-credential in Organizational Transformation from the Project Management Institute, and a BS in Business Administration from the University of Illinois. BJ and her family reside in Franklin, TN.